Chapter 20 ~Harry~

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Liked by @niallhoranofficial @gemmastyles @louist91 and 4,848,748 more

harrystyles Surprises coming soon!

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louist91 excited! Harry you look so cute as a baby!

niallhoranofficial I'm very happy with it,

RealLiamPayne cant wait

CelebNews interesting

gemmastyles I've heard it, it sounds amazing!

annetwist so proud of you baby

LottieTominson its sick, the fans will love it!

LarryBitch aww, omg I can't wait!

ZiamUniverse yaayyayy finally after that first post nothing happened I got worried.

OneDirectionYA same^, (btw, One Direction is what I've decided to call them)

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