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 Meetings after something this crazy weren't fun. All my bruising had gone away. But I was still a little out of it, but knew I needed to get back in the groove of things.

When I came into work, I sighed at the sight of Tony, Nat, and Clint. I ran into Tony, letting him hug me for a little while. " You have a death wish. You're such a fool, Rodgers."

" It's good to see you too, Tony."

He moved my head around, checking me like a doctor, " Nothing wrong? You're okay?"

" 100% healed." I assured him.

He nodded, " You're a fighter. Saved our asses, again."

" Well, I intent to keep on doing it, since this is my official application to rejoin the Avengers."

" You never left, kiddo." Clint pulled me into him, " God, it's good to see you in one piece. When I heard what happened, I-I-"

" Shut up." I said, " Nothing sappy. I'm alive. Steve's alive. We're good."

" To think I was working for Nazi's." He sighed, " Wish you killed those bastards 70 years ago."

" We all do." Steve said, " Any word on Banner?"

" On a medical mission on Nigeria. He'll be back in 2 weeks." Nat said.

He nodded, " Good. And Thor?"

Tony said, " Not sure when, but he'll be back, he promised."

" So the band is back together." Steve put his arm around me, " The whole band."

Nat smiled lightly, " Having both of the Terror Twins will certainly help our missions run smoothly." 

" And the Terror Twins won't be distracted and out of practice." I shrugged.

" Marilyn, I'm sorry." Nat said, " The whole thing with Bucky and HYDRA, it was overwhelming and I shouldn't have gotten angry."

" Hey, I'm okay." I promised, " It's over. I'm gonna train back up, then no one is gonna hurt any of us every again."

" Does she always talk like she's singlehandedly saving the world?" Tony asked.

Steve rolled his eyes, " You have no idea."


It was late. All our meetings and questionings were long and drawn out, and overly aggressive for 2 people who did nothing. I was sick of government officials at this point. I answered honestly, since they're no way I could be in any legal trouble.

I was at the gym in our apartment building, trying to get myself back into my usual great shape. I never lost my muscle definition, but I was pretty out of practice. I had lifted more than I ever had today, ran around 20 miles, and was now at the usual punching bag, kicking and punching until I was bruised. 

When I kicked so hard, I tore the bag, I decided it was time to head home, considering it was almost 9. I began unwrapping my hands, when I heard the footsteps. I pulled a gun from my gym bag, I wasn't messing with anymore hand to hand right now. " Whoever is here, I'm not messing around. I've had a really long week." I said bitterly. 

Silence, I crept around a corner, seeing no one. I basically checked the whole place, seeing no one. I could just be paranoid. But after all of this, I wasn't taking any chances. I quickly walked down the stairs to our apartment, rushing to the bathroom. I stared at myself in the mirror. For once in my life, I looked tired. My eyes were dark, my skin pale, almost sickly. I haven't taken care of myself in a week, and I was unbelievably stressed. 

I jumped when I heard a knock on the door, " Marilyn."

I sighed, " Yeah, Steve?"

" I know it's late but Nat and Sam wanted to know if we wanted to get some dinner."

I rubbed my eyes, trying not to look too frazzled before I opened the door, " Uh, sure."

I hated when he looked at me like a sad puppy. He did it when he was worried. " Are you alright?"

" This wasn't an easy week, Steve. I'm okay."

 He stayed quiet, but I knew he wanted to say more, " You get the week off to relax, alright?"

" Of course." I nodded. 

" We're meeting them in 20 minutes, let me know when you're ready."

I closed the bathroom door, washing my face and brushing my hair in an attempt to put myself together. I changed from my gym clothes, walking outside to meet everyone downstairs. " How is the punching bag feeling today?" Sam asked.

" Ready to get fighting again." I smacked him on the arm.

He grinned, " Let's not throw ourselves back into anything yet."

" Please, let's not." Nat sighed.

They started talking about where we were going to eat, and I glanced back to my apartment. I swore I saw someone in my window. I was scared, but I couldn't look away.

" Hey," I felt Steve's hand on my shoulder, " You okay?"

I nodded, " Sorry. You know. Tired."

" Nothing's wrong?"

I stared at him. I know he was worried. We had been through a lot this week. I couldn't upset him. I didn't want him constantly on edge from my paranoia. My brother almost watched me die, watched his best friend being tortured by the people we worked so hard to defeat. The only thing that could be on his mind was Bucky and I. I couldn't stress him out anymore.

" Everything is perfect."

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