:Chapter 1:

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Della's foot came flying at me as she attempted to kick me and I narrowly dodged it before grabbing her leg and tossing her down. Della landed with a growl. And her bluish silver eyes glared into mine as she got up once more.

'She really is determined when it comes to fighting, very determined.' All I could do was smile at Venom's poke. Venom was my wolf. "Your fucking prick!" Della yelled and I smiled at her as she went back at me and I dodged her strikes before flipping her over and she landed on the training mat once more.

Darcy her identical twin watched with amusement in his crystal blue eyes. "Della I think your supposed to hit him." Darcy said with a bit of a smirk. "Shut up Darcy!" Della yelled as she came at me once more and I put her on her ass once more.

'She really is determined to kick your ass now isn't she.' 'She believes if she does, she is top wolf around here.' Venom shook his head. Della got up once more. There was one thing I could admire about her was that Della was relentless when it came to fighting.

No matter how many times you beat her down and tossed her into the dirt in a fight she kept on getting back up. Which was an admirable trait for sure. And one good for an alpha since she was the alpha of the two twins.

Technically they were both alphas. 'But Della just happens to show it more than Darcy does, Darcy is more like Dalton.' Della was like Isabella but ten times worse. She had a nasty temper since she was a kid and enjoyed tormenting people. I honestly swore she was going to be a bully when she was older.

Although she didn't pull that much with Isabella. Although when she was younger she did. Della was a shit ball for sure. Isadora, my best friend watched us and then Darcy with a bit of a longing look on her face.

'Such a shame honestly that she has to wait for that long.' We were both nineteen. But Isadora had already found her mate. Darcy was her mate. Of course he didn't know as she didn't tell him now wanting to ruin it for him. So she waited until he was sixteen for him to find out and then confess.

But she had it badly for him. 3 years of being around him did that to her and getting to know him. Although Darcy never understood why. But he didn't mind it, he was nice to her which always made Isadora's day when he was nice and hung out.

'It does make her day, she is all smiles for at least two days straight and in quite the good mood.' The both of us did online college. I looked back at Della who tossed her body weight into me and we went down and Della struck me.

And then I flipped her over and restrained her. "Submit Della." I said. Della glared before kicking me right in the balls and tossing off of her and I got up. "You are determined." I said and Della smirked at me as she cracked her knuckles and struck once more at me.

'Seems she won't give up until she wins, maybe we should let her this once.' And I agreed with Venom on this. And then let her take me down and Della screamed in victory. And I laughed before getting up as Darcy rolled his eyes at his twin.

I honestly pitied her mate when she found him. He was in for it. 'Way worse than Dalton was, way worse for sure.' Because Della was way worse than Isabella honestly. She was the devil in the flesh. Although that was an insult to Satan honestly. But Della had a big difference than her mom.

Isabella was afraid of love. As well as no idea what she was flaunting around. And Della knew exactly what she was flaunting around. She was already swaying her hips in school and driving all the boys nuts. Her mate was going to get teased way worse than Dalton.

Sexually teased as well probably knowing Della. She knew that she attractive. 'And that is the worst part, she knows that. And man when she turns sixteen.' I really did feel bad for her mate. He had it in for him when he found out Della was his mate. He had it bad.

"Your aware I let you win right?" I asked. Della scoffed. "Still won." Della said before going over and hanging on Darcy. Isadora looked a bit jealous before stopping reminding herself it was just his twin and not some girl looking to prey on her mate.

'Oh when he turns sixteen peace will come once again and Isadora can finally be happy and not hiding the fact that Darcy is her mate.' I nodded at that. "Get off of me Della." Darcy said and Della laughed before sitting next to him. "I'm going to be better than Dae." Della said.

Dae was Derik and Lyric's son and Della's partner in crime honestly. But she was also very competitive with him since he started hunting training. So in response Della began training with me which is why I had to deal with her ass all the time for training sessions.

'Never trust the two together when they are quiet and full of smirks as it means the two of them are planning to do something.' And the best thing to do was evacuate before they decided to do it. Dae was such a sweet boy who ended up with a sadistic and slightly crazy best friend.

I looked at Della and shook my head before we went inside and got changed. My mom came out and handed us some snacks and we sat down to eat them and I glanced up at Della who happily ate at them before looking up at me.

"One day Isaac I will take you down without you letting me." Della said. "Keep trying sweetie." I said with a smirk and Della scowled at me. "Mark my words one day I will take you down Isaac." Della said and I smirked at her before turning back to my oranges.

'She is determined to take us down, it's quite funny.' I nodded at Venom as mom came in. "Darcy, Della, your mom is here to pick you up." Mom said and they nodded. "Bye grandma." The two said in sync before giving her a hug. "See ya losers." Della said before going out.

"She really has a temper." Isadora said moving her red hair. "She does." I said with a nod. "Well my dad is here to pick me up." Isadora said coming over and giving me a hug. "Ok, see you later Is." I said and Isadora smiled. And then she left.

I finished up my orange and threw the peel and then looked at my mom who looked over at me. "What are we having for dinner?" I asked. "Dad is taking us out for dinner at Friendly's." My mom said and I smiled at that and nodded at that a bit excited at that.

'Sounds like some good things will be happening tonight and eat out with our parents.' My dad's work had been loosened since Dalton started helping him so he got to spend more time with mom. And that always put mom in a really good mood spending time with her mate.

I honestly was anxious to meet my mate honestly. Interest always formed in me at who my mate would be. I was the vessel of Death, although he didn't visit me as much since he didn't have all the limitations as the rest of the 5. Occasionally he'd visit.

But that didn't upset me. 'You still have me so you know you aren't lonely completely.' I nodded at that. But I always wondered what kind of mate I would have. What she would be like and what species she would be since lately lots of my brothers didn't just have werewolf mates.

But whatever she was I would love her just as much. 'She is probably going to be a good person, now we just have to wait for her.' Three years, hopefully I wouldn't have to wait so long to meet our mate. I honestly didn't want to wait forever.

I had already waited three years, so I could only hope to meet my mate soon. Little did I know how soon that would be.

1416. And Death's Kiss starts, welcome to the final book of Entwined Mates. Enjoy the rides. Until next time deathly marshmallows.

 Until next time deathly marshmallows

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