The Makeover [2]

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The Makeover

"Mystery creates wonder and wonder is the basis of man's desire to understand." –Neil Armstrong

                                       Rosalie Johnson

Wrinkling my nose, I had the urge to sneeze. I guess you could say I caught a "cold."

It was easy for my parents to believe that I was actually sick because the day before I came home dripping wet. Although, Davis's sweater protected me from the majority of the brutal weather, I still, somehow, ended up looking like a drowned cat.

Sick days were the best days of the week. No school, no work. This was the day where I can hide out in the comfort of my own room, without any obligations.
I contently snuggled deeper into my warm blankets. I couldn't help but smile as I thought about Davis. It was hard not to, especially considering I was still wearing his sweater.
Was it creepy? Yes.

Did I care? No.
As I laid in the middle of my bed, I absently mindedly started playing with the zipper of the sweater. The sweater smelled like heaven to me and had brought the most pleasant feeling to my body I could ever imagine. It was just so ... Well I'm not sure how to describe it, but I knew one thing for sure; I was keeping this sweater for as long as I can.
Anyways, I was not actually sick. Although I did have a bit of the sniffles. I only played out my sniffles to be something much larger to my parents. The fact that they're doctors and actually bought my act means I must have did a good job.

Slamming the door shut to the front of my house, I stood in the front foyer looking like a drowned rat. 

I was beyond pissed, and although the thought of Davis’s sweater wrapping around me calmed me ever so slightly, it did nothing to tame my murderous intentions. If it wasn't for Amber, I would still be stuck in the cold.

“Hey, fat ass!” I yelled so loudly I’m sure the whole neighbourhood heard me, even over the pouring rain. With no response coming from any inch of the house, I made it my goal to hunt down my douche bag of a brother.

“Dawn?” I called all throughout the house. My nose literally poked through every nook and crannie, as I searched for him.

“Wait a minute.” Looking outside the front window, I realized my brothers car wasn't even parked in the driveway Which meant he wasn't home. You have got to kidding me, don’t tell me I just spent a whole god damn hour trying to search for him?

I still had homework to do and it was already six pm.

Running upstairs like Bugs Bunny on crack, I changed into a pair of comfortable pajamas and whipped out my laptop like a pro. I can do this.

... I can’t do this.

Sniffing and cracking my fingers, I glanced at my Hello Kitty watch and grimaced when I realized it was almost seven already and I was still staring at a blank document. My assignment was due tomorrow and if I don't hand this in tomorrow, I'm getting a zero and unlike my brother, I actually cared about my marks.

Maybe I can hand it in blank and tell the teacher I typed it with invisible ink? I snorted at the thought, only to cover my face and nose as I realized at how much of a pig I sounded. Leaning down on my desk, I stared at the document and then finally an idea popped into my head. 

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