Chapter 16 ~Liam~

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Liked by @harrystyles @niallhoranofficial @zayn and 4,738,829 more

RealLiamPayne Sorry not sorry

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zayn I love you❤

GigiH4real as long as you're happy then I'm happy.

RealLiamPayne thanks❤ @GigiH4real

harrystyles We all need to meet, and congratulations! @RealLiamPayne @zayn

louist91 come back to bed Hazzaaaaa!❤

harrystyles Ok boobear!💙

Zigi4Eva I agree with Gigi as long as your both happy. ❤

LarryBitch Omg Harry and Louis are so cute together^^

ZigiUniverse I already have a ship name, Ziam!❤❤
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HarryUpdates ^yes, and you need to change your name to ZiamUniverse!

ZiamUniverse already done!
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