Chapter 15 ~Harry~

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Liked by @louist91 @niallhoranofficial @gemmastyles and 7,647,637 more

harrystyles I love you❤

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louist91 I love you too babycakes❤

annetwist Harry you need to introduce me to this boy, he's adorable.

gemmastyles Hey, keep all that mouth on skin stuff in the bedroom. @harrystyles @louist91

LarryBitch that's absolutely adorable!💚

Eleanorj92 That's disgusting.🙄

louist91 why haven't I blocked you yet?

louist91 blocked Eleanorj92

niallhoranofficial I miss you Shawwnnniieee babyyyy!!

ShawnMendes I literally have been gone five minutes and I'm bringing home Nandos @niallhoranofficial

niallhoranofficial thank youuu!! I love youuu!!😁@ShawnMendes

ShawnMendes I love you too🙄❤

UpNiall'sAss ^that was adorable!

RealLiamPayne I have a surprise😊

zayn ❤

ElounorLover that's obviously fake, when Louis comes to his senses he'll be running back to Eleanor.
louist91 and harrystyles blocked ElounorLover

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