The One That Got Away [Crocodile x Reader]

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This is a long one, and I honestly don't know if it sucks. But, hey, I updated.



"Why do you keep sending Mr. 2 to kill her? He can obviously not do it," Miss All-Sunday commented as Crocodile handed her the file.

"He's the one whose gotten closer. The others have been a waste of time." The man took his golden lighter from the desk and lit the cigar he had put in his mouth.

"Is she that important?" The black-haired woman wondered while eying one of the papers inside the folder.

Crocodile stared at her, taking a drag from his cigar and exhaling the smoke in her direction. "It's none of your business. Deliver the document to Mr. 2." Standing up, he then walked away from his desk, redirecting his attention to the bananawani in the pool outside.

Miss All-Sunday tilted her head, but hid all her interest behind a polite smile and exited the room, leaving the man to himself.

As soon as the door was closed though, he leaned against the thick glass that separated him from his pets, resting his forehead against his forearm and closing his eyes. "Important?" He huffed, not being able to hold back the crooked smile that crept onto his lips.


Mr. 2 knocked on your door as he would do once every month, and you opened it and let him in.

"Bon-chan!" You exclaimed as the man twirled his way inside.


"I supposed you're here to try and kill me again, uh? Times flies when you're not counting the days." You gestured to the chair opposite from yours as you sat down, and he didn't hesitate to take the offer while you poured him a cup of tea.

Bon Clay smiled and brought it up to his lips, breathing in the aroma through his nose. "Miss All‑Sunday gave me your folder this morning, although I wished Mr. 0 would stop insisting. I don't want to kill you."

You took a sip from your drink. You knew what to expect when you left Baroque Works, you had been there when Crocodile had set the rules, and yet you had hoped the man would spare your life for old times' sake... although you supposed he resented you for leaving the company, for leaving him.

Like it had been easy on your side.

Crocodile was a man of many flaws, and yet you had found things that had led you into his bed on more than one occasion. And yes, you had developed feelings for the pirate, you still had them.

As for him, you didn't know if he felt the same way, you never knew. The only thing that hinted towards a positive answer was the way he used to indulge you in every way, the man never expressing anything orally if it wasn't strictly necessary.

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