The Makeover [20]

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The Makeover

“How did it happen that their lips came together? How does it happen that birds sing, that snow melts, that the rose unfolds, that the dawn whitens behind the stark shapes of trees on the quivering summit of the hill? A kiss, and all was said.” 
― Victor Hugo

                                      Rosalie Johnson

"What's going?" I asked as everyone continued to stare at me. It was strange because everyone looked worried. Some were even staring at me in wonder. Was this really such a shock to everyone? Was I that  well known around the school? Apparently, I was because no one would stop staring. 

"Maybe they're just wondering who this gorgeous girl is," Amber suggested and I shook my head. No, it had to be something else. This was just too much.

As we turned the corner we spotted a group of students crowded around a portion of a wall; all them with their backs facing us. 

Suddenly, a kid turned around and shouted, "look she's here!" 


Everyone turned to look at me in wonder. Yeah, something was definitely going on and it certainly had nothing to do with my looks. People just kept looking at me with shocked eyes and some with envy, but I couldn't understand why until I got glimpse at what everyone was looking at before.

I took a step forward because what I saw couldn't be true. It had to be a figment of my imagination. A trick. As I moved closer, the crowd parted like a sea and quiet whispers broke out among them. 

There, bright as day, was a tapped poster of Christopher and I. His hoodie was pulled back revealing all his glory as he kissed me by the stairwell; my arms wrapped around his neck. 

It was hard to not to stare at the picture of Christopher and I. 

"No," I whispered. I ran to the poster and ripped it down. I turned to a girl with strawberry blonde hair and asked her, "is there anymore like this?" I asked frantically and she slow nodded her head yes

I sucked in a deep breath and my eyes widen in shock.


"Where?" I asked.  

"The cafeteria, the girls washroom ... It's everywhere!" She said.

"Amber?" I said turning to her.

"I'm on it," she said and we made a mad dash to hopefully collect as many posters as we could. But was there really a point in doing so? How many people had already seen it? How many people had taken pictures and posted it on the Internet? How many now knew that Christopher was Ashton's brother? This wasn't good. It wasn't. 

I ran to the cafeteria and stopped dead in my tracks as I was faced with more posters than I could handle. The posters covered the walls like wallpaper. There wasn't an empty spot. 

"Rosalie!" I heard someone yell and I turned to see Damien at the cafeteria doors. He came running to me, but I couldn't focus. I just couldn't. Before I could even think, my hand struck him across the face as soon as he was close enough. He stumbled slightly from the force, but mostly out of shock as he stared down at me. 

"Rosalie," he said quietly as he stared down at me. 

"How could you?!" I asked in anger as I shoved at his shoulders and he stumbled back. Not once defending himself as I hit him repeatedly against his chest with my fists. 

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