Chapter 17: Kat

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My body lay in the comforting divots of the bed, heavy as bricks as my mind wanders in and out of a lazy slumber. Behind my ear, gentle nips stir the haze hovering above my head and the sensations pull a smile onto my lips.

I let my head lull back and to the side, finding the culprit waiting for me with smiling eyes.

"Good morning, Ms. Sanders." His voice was as smooth as chocolate, melting through my pores and heating my body from the inside out.

"And a good morning it is." Any morning waking up next to him was a blessed and beautiful morning.

"Has anyone ever told you that you're so stupidly handsome that you should be labeled as a walking safety hazard?"

Dominic's mouth grew into that smiled I loved to see. "Nope. Just you."

"I thought as much."

Warmth pressed into my cheek as Dominic's hand cupped the side of my face. I pushed my head further into his hold, relishing in the rough brush of the callouses on his palm against my soft skin.

"Has anyone ever told you how perfect you are in every tiny, delectable way?" His breath kissed my neck as he whispered in my ear. I sucked in a gasp filled with palpable desire and pushed my head back into the pillow, arching my neck to give him more access.

"Nope, so you should keep going." Dominic's carnal moan vibrated through my body as he caught onto my double meaning. His large hands enveloped my waist entirely and made me feel so small against his body. He pushed my loose shirt up my torso until all I knew was the heat of his hands washing through to my core just as his lips sealed over top of mine.

I moaned without restraint into his mouth as his lips moved with mine. I could drown in a sea of Dominic's kisses and happily never come up for air. They were as addicting as he was and consumed me whole in a trap I never wanted to be free of.

Dominic's tongue peeked out and ran across my bottom lips, asking for access in which I immediately complied. I opened my mouth to his as he deepened our kiss, his tongue brushing with mine and dampening my panties with every delicious taste he gave me.

He owned my mouth and everything about me in that moment, and we both knew it.

Just then, a memory struck me head on and I yanked my head back from Dominic's, parting our lips as he looked down at me with concern in his eyes.

"What's wrong?"

"Nothing, I just..." I stuttered my words as bits of the dream blinked across my mind. "I just remembered I had this dream last night... Well, more of a nightmare really."

"What happened?"

"I was kidnapped and I couldn't find a way to get to you and you couldn't find a way to me either. Heather was in the middle of it all and..."I looked to him as the realness of the nightmare came crashing through and my heart ached with the loss of him, even though he was lying right next to me. "I thought I was never going to see you again."

The grey of Dominic's eyes softened on mine as he leaned forward and pressed his forehead against mine. "That is never going to happen for many, many reason." An emptiness swept over my waist as one of his hands left it, only to find placement on my face moments later. His thumb moved in slow circles over the rise of my cheek bone and he fastened his gaze to mine.

"The most obvious reason being that if anyone were to dare take you from me, I'd always find a way back to you." My love for the man before me gripped my heart in its might, squeezing pools of water from the backs of my eyes as he brushes his lips against mine and whispered, "I love you way too damn much to ever let you go, Kat."

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