Heart Break *Part 2*

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Baha: HEY GUYS! Were back after.... 24 hours! And now Sonic has finally calmed down, and he said he would bring in a friend for the day. Although, Amy~San might not be doing so well...

Amy: *sniffs* I know...

Taj/Jana: *sighs sadly* Oh, dear.

Rouge: Honey, he just needed to calm down. Besides, he must've cared if he stormed out like that! 

Blaze: Yeah, I don't know if someone would do that, if I told them... you know.

Tikal: She's right. *shakes her head sadly and whispers* This is why dating is complicated.

Baha: And so are boys! Oops...*turns around*

Boys (except sonic): *glares at her* 

Baha: *smiles sheepishly* Hee, hee...Eeep! *hides behind Cream*

Cream: *giggles adorably* I don't think you need to be afraid, Baha. Other, then Shadow though. Tails is cute when he is mad. 

Shadow: Yeah, you should be scared! *cocks eyebrows* 

Rest of the Boys: EXCUSE ME! 

Tails: *blush* Oh wow, Cream... Thanks!

Baha: Well, Creamy. That's because Tails would NEVER get mad at you, *whispers* unless you make him fluster...

Taiream: BAHA! *blushes deeply* 

Everyone: *laughs* 

Knuckles: Oh, gosh! They're as red as me! 

Amy: *giggles quietly* 

Everyone: *stops laughing and smiles at her* YAY! SHE SMILED! 

Amy: Oh, quit it! I ju-BANGBANGBANGBANGBA-


EVERYONE: SHUT THE FUCK UP! *pants angrily*

Jana: People these days. So impatient.

Samara/Zarina: *comes downstairs* I KNOW! 

Zarina: We could hear it from upstairs.

Samara: Who is that? 

Shadow: I dunno. Baha went to open the door. *wraps his arms on her waist* \

Samar: *strokes his quills* 

Amy: *groans sadly* Let's see if I have a chance to apologize. 

Taj: I'm sure you will, girl.

Alarks *sparks and Alex*: Hey guys, Were back! *comes through window on skateboards* 

Alex: And guess what!

Rouge: You guys found money or... GEMS!? *jumps up*

Sparks: No. WERE DATING! *holds her and that's intertwined with Alex* 

Everybody: SERIOUSLY! No way.

Alex: YES WAY! And, where is Baha?

Silver: oh, yeah. What's taking so long? 

???: Hey, everyone. 

Everyone: SALLY!

I'll finish this later! Im bored anyway! Just hope you enjoyed! Part 3 coming very, very soon!

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