21: Frying Pan or Fire? (part 4)

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21.4 Found

Alternate One: 19 May 2128

Less than forty-eight hours later the screaming beacon hit them all again. However, this time the barriers came down far quicker and, according to Mila Galanis, no one at the Tree was affected adversely.

"I am in Bordeaux," Charles Moore said. "I may be able to teleport to London in short hops."

"Wait there, Charles," Garter ordered, before directing a question to Galanis. "Can you get us there physically this time?"

"It is not going to be easy," Mila stated. "We are expending so much energy shielding ourselves from the anomaly that there is little left."

Krista Hartmann entered the conversation from afar. "We are feeling it here in Berlin, too," she said. "However, it is not as intense. Let us take as much of the strain of shielding from your shoulders as we can, and leave you to project Alec and Charles to Cambridge."

"Thank you, Krista. It is interesting to know the limits of the anomaly. Mila, link with Krista and contact all the closer centres in mainland Europe, also Ireland. To do this we may need a full concert, in sync."

"Shall we also attempt to shield the anomaly?" Mila asked.

"Only once we are close enough to extract it," Charles Moore responded. "It may have defences that we do not, as yet, understand."

"Concert attained," Krista transmitted a few minutes later. "Mila and I will head the attempt to teleport you both to Cambridge. However, you may still not be fully substantial when you arrive."

"Eighty percent will be adequate enough," Garter said.

"Not too close to the anomaly," Charles Moore said. "We would like to get a proper look at it with our real eyes first."

"Agreed," Garter said. "No closer than one hundred yards."

"Also," Moore added, "be prepared to help us physically transport those on the DTM back here to the Tree at a moment's notice."

Both Mila and Krista acknowledged the request.

"Begin the full concert," Garter commanded.

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