21: Frying Pan or Fire? (part 1)

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21.1 Lost

Hyde Park, London: 17 May 2128

"Gone?" Alec Garter growled. "Where?"

"I think we scared them away," Charles Moore replied.

"Well, at least the interference has ceased. It's good to be able to think clearly again," Alin Yan said.

Garter snarled at him, "If we don't find out what Fisk learned, we'll be wiped out at recombination."

"Well, I'm sure, given a few decades, the Earth will be suitable again for recolonisation by those still on the Moon," Yan said, calmly. "I, for one, would be happy with such a result."

"Alin," Krista said, "you value your own survival so lowly?"

Yan smiled. "I have suspected for a while that we have little control over whether or not we survive. We barely survived the splintering and that was something we ourselves caused."

"We caused this as well," Garter snapped.

"Yes," Yan agreed, "it is the natural conclusion to our earlier mistake."

Krista watched Garter stalk away, muttering. "Are your provocations deliberate?" she asked.

Alin Yan grinned. "Our pompous second-in-command often needs the wind removed from his sails. I take pride in my ability to help with that extraction."

"You know that if Morton fails to return, Garter will be automatically promoted to first?" Charles Moore stated.

Yan nodded and grinned. "Well, hardly the first time a promotion to top dog has been savaged by the rest of the pack."

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