it isn't love ...

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‪if you are constantly putting in more effort than them,‬
‪if they make you feel like your feelings are invalid,‬
‪if they can't be bothered to notice when you aren't okay,‬
‪if you get ignored every time someone new walks into their life,‬
‪if they only come to you when they need something from you,‬
‪if you are always there for them & they vanish every time you need them,‬
‪if they make you question your importance in their life‬
‪if there is a condition attached to love,‬
‪if they make you sad,‬
‪if they make you bitter,‬
‪if they make you resentful,‬
‪it isn't love,‬
‪it's a toxic pool of emotions‬

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