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I stepped out into the ballroom and was surrounded by thousands of girls. All in their leotards and ready for competition. I stepped into my old leotard, it fit but it was a little weird looking. Everyone has jewels and rhinestones on them. Mine was just a regular plain one with no rhinestones or designs, but it would do. I signed into the conference center sign-in table. A couple of girl laughed at my outfit but I brushed them off. I really don't care what they think.

I went to sit down in the performers area and take in all these people. There were beams and bars everywhere. I was not used to this. I watched the other girls go up onto bars, beam, floor, and vault. And they were good, and I mean real good. A couple of girls came and sat behind me and started laughing. I decided to try and ignore them but I couldn't help it.

Girl 1: I cannot believe we even have to do this practice thing. I mean I don't need it. I am gonna win everything.

Girl 2: Yeah you are the best, you are going to win everything here, no one else has a chance.

Girl 3: Check out that girl with the ugly looking leotard. It must be her first competition.

Girl 1: Yeah, she doesn't even look like she has any talent.

Girl 2: You are so gonna win. Haha!!

I got up and walked away, almost in tears, until I heard my name being called. 

Annoucer: Will the following people please report for the next bar rotation:

Consuela Forbis

Laura Eccleston

Anjelica Trickett

Rubye Pack

Starr Barile 

I walked up and got in line and noticed the three girls that were laughing. 

(Laura = Girl 1, Consuela = Girl 2, Anjelica = Girl 3)

They all looked at me and laughed, oh great, I dno't even stand a chance against them apparently. They think they are so good. I went over my routine one more time in my head. By the time I was finished it was my turn. I looked over at the scoreboard. WOW, they really were good. I was going to have to do really well.

I finished my routine, flawlessly might I add, (THE ROUTINE IS IN THE SIDEBAR). I went back to my station and I looked at the scoreboard.

Consuela Forbis - 12.34Eccleston

Laura  - 15.30

Anjelica Trickett - 14.65

Rubye Pack - 13.54

Starr Barile - 15.85

Oh my god. I won! Yay!! I could hear a few people clapping, not much but a few. But that's better then none, right? Laura, Consuela and Anjelica came over to me right after the scores were posted.

Laura: Happy about your first win, well it's gonna be your last.

Consuela: Yeah I'm sorry to say that it was beginners luck.

They both smiled and walked away, but Anjelica stayed behind and started a conversation with me. 

Anjelica: I think you did a really good job.

Starr: Oh, thanks, you did to!

Anjelica:  Thanks, but I know you have more talent then Laura, she is just jealous.


Anjelica: COMING!!! Here's my number Starr, just text me when you can.

Wow, she was genially nice to me. I was happy. Then some man came up to me and started talking to me.

Man: Hi, my name is Bela Karolyi.

Starr: Hi, I'm Starr.

Bela: You were very impressive on bars just now.

Starr: Oh thanks, it's my first competition so I'm a bit nervous.

Bela: Have you ever had any training?

Starr: No, I taught myself that. I haven't ever really had a trainer.

Bela: Well Miss Starr you just beat Laura Eccleston in her best event, bars.

Starr: Okay? What about Laura Eccleston. 

Bela: Laura Eccleston is the top gymnist in the state. And her best event is bars, which you beat her on.

Starr: Oh, um I'm sorry.

Bela: Don't apologize. Here is my card, call me if you want to train with me.

Starr: Oh thanks!

Woah. I quickly looked Bela Karolyi on my phone. Woah. He is a renown gymnastic coach. And he liked me? Oh great here comes Laura.

Laura: Why were you talking to Bela Karolyi? You don't deserve him.

Starr: Well he came and talked to me. He even asked me if I want to train with him. 

Anjelica: He asked you to train with him? That is such an honor!

Laura: Shut up Anjelica. He is going to ask me to train with him.

Anjelica: Not is Starr beats you in everything here.

Laura: SHUT UP ANJELICA! You're not going to win anything here! I don't even know why you're here!! You never win anything you're such a loser.

Anjelica: Whatever.

Starr: Anjelica wait!

Consuela: Aww, did Laura hurt your friends feelings? Oh well. You know Starr you should just drop out. I mean you are going to lose.

Starr: Well considering I just beat the number one girl in that state at her best event, I'm gonna go with no.

And with that I ran to go look for Anjelica. Yeah she was friends with Laura but hey, she was nice to me. I looked for about 15 minutes and then we lined up to do our floor routine. But I saw a change on the board, my name wasn't on there. I went up to the judge to see what was happening.

Starr: Excuse me why isn't my name up there.

Judge: Well Miss Laura informed me that you were dopping out of the competition so we took you off the board.

Starr: I am not dropping out, she was lying.

Judge: Okay so what would you like us to do about it.

Starr: just Play My Music.

I did my flour routine and nailed it flawlessly. I hoped I did good beause I saw Bela watching. I hope he is proud of me.


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