A Warm Welcome

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Breathe. Blair stood in the girls toilets, hunched over the sink, hands planted firmly on the surface and hyperventilating heavily. She looked up and made eye contact with the girl in the mirror, who seemed unrecognizable.

Wild, red wavy hair, brown eyes now a shade of yellow, skin pale and decorated with freckles, lips full and dark. Breathe. She looked back down again, willing the dark veins on her hands to fade as she drew back control, begging to look normal again. To look human.

But Blair was not in fact fully human. The other part of her was wild, untamed, canine. Because Blair had a secret. She was half wolf, a lycan, a werewolf, beast, monster, whatever you want to call it. Breathe. And right now, she was trying to stop transforming in the middle of some deserted girls toilets.

When Blair looked up again, nothing seemed unusual. She had controlled it. A wave of relief passed through her body and she let her eyelids close as she pulled her rucksack over one shoulder and rolled her eyes involuntarily, pushing the door open to leave the toilets.

Immediately after she stepped into the corridor, she was herded by a pair of official looking teachers, gently pushing her to a nearby room. The door clicked softly shut.

"Take a seat, Miss Underwood."

Blair scraped a chair across the wooden floor and slumped herself in it reluctantly. The room was cold, the lack of heating obvious as the stone walls absorbed any cold, making the teenage girl shiver and bite her bottom lip.

"I'd appreciate if you stayed within close parameters when we are trying to show you around your tower, Miss Underwood." scolded a teacher, looking over her glasses perched on her pinched nose.

Blair upper lip curled. She wanted to argue why she had to hurry away, but that was impossible without exposing herself. The reason was that all the noise and bustling people in the West Tower had stressed her out, and after living in the country for years, a busy boarding school was her last choice to live for a year.

The other teacher scowled. "Anyway, Blair, this is your home for the next academic year. I trust you payed attention when we showed you around,"

Blair gulped.

"but even so, I included a map in your welcome pack. This includes all the times for meals, your room number and key, and timetable."

"Welcome to Stoney Towers!" the other woman added with a forced smile, passing her a folder of what must be her welcome pack.

Blair mumbled some incoherent thanks, and pulled herself to her feet and out of the room, slamming the door.

A heavy groan escaped her lips as she looked through the stone corridor of the old boarding school, down to the decrepit window panes which gave a look at the rolling fields and roaming forests that led outside.

That was where Blair wanted to be. Not some stupid boarding school. She wanted to be in the woods, running free, wolfing out away from the prying human eyes and baying to the moon whenever she felt like it. But that wasn't possible. The full moon was in a week, which meant she had a week to figure out where she could safely transform without being caught and time was quickly passing.

But now, where Blair needed to be was room 34b. And her new roommates were waiting for her.

The new girl.

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