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"Good morning sleepy head~" Hannah mused to Percy who had been sleeping for the most of what we would call morning. His hair was more ruffled than usual and he had drool threatening to fall down his chin.

"Not yet-" Percy rolled on his side, covering his head with a pillow.

"Come on get up!" Hannah rocked him onto his back and blushed when she realised he was shirtless.

"Don't wanna" he opened his eyes slightly but shut then as soon as they opened. He grabbed Hannah's hand and dragged her to the open space next to him on the bed. "I don't wanna so you go sleep with me!" He bit his tongue slightly as if he were a toddler again. Hannah could win in the competition of reddest tomato of the year if Percy didn't let go any time soon.

"Percy! Let go!" She tried to push him away but he knew only held her was it tighter.

"Don't go, mom..." He mumbled and Hannah's gaze softened, she patted his hair a bit and gently placed a kiss on his hair. 

''Am I interrupting something?'' A new voice asked and Hannah jumped high into the air, well she did in her mind. She was still bound to the bed by Percy's arms. Percy rubbed his eyes with his free hand. Dumbledore chuckled at the young god. 

''What time is it?'' Percy asked, snuggling into the warm pillow next to him. Though he opened his eyes properly when a nice squishy thing squeezed against his face. Next to his face was Hannah's shirt, and her chest. . . He leapt up and looked down to see his shirt on the floor. He then saw his open chest and the faint Hannah, her face crimson and steam coming out of her ears. His face slowly grew red once he remembered what he said to her in his half-conscious state. 

''Good morning children. Today is the day we go to Diagon Alley. Get changed, Percy... At least try to look presentable... please.'' Albus disappeared into thin air again and Percy yawned widely, lasting about fifteen seconds, though the moment he opened his mouth to yawn, Hannah yawned as well, lasting just as long.

Once they closed their mouths, a voice in their heads suddenly spoke. Percy and Hannah whirled around to look at each other when Percy remembered a certain fact and blushed once more, he had no time to stay angry at what the love goddess said since he looked terribly embarrassed and slightly happy. Hannah was no better. She was looking even more embarrassed than she probably should be.

 She was looking even more embarrassed than she probably should be

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 ''Who was that?'' Hannah asked, turning away to hide her face. 

''I think that may have been Aphrodite. You should recognise it as the same voice as someone you love the most's.'' Hannah gasped slightly, to her it sounded like Percy's voice. 

''Who did yours sound like?'' She asked, saddened that it may have been someone else's voice. 

''That's a secret. Yours?''

''Mine is a secret as well. Now go get changed. I'll make something after I imagine a kitchen. What do you like eating?''

''Pancakes!! Blueberry pancakes with lots of syrup!''

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