004 sunrise four of Longshan

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"Rongxuan, you're so good. You're right. I didn't think of these things when I worked more than a year before you."

Fei Rong listened very carefully, and even forgot that she had been close to Liu Rongxuan at this time. Liu Rongxuan himself spoke up and did not notice that his cheek was close to Fei Rong's chest.

"No, it's just a little bit of my own thinking, and I'm not sure if that's true."

Liu Rongxuan smiled modestly. "In a moment, you will change it according to this idea, and then send it to the section chief for examination. If you can pass, you will follow it later."

At this moment, a cough sounded, frightened both of them jumped, Fei Rong also hurried to get up, in front of his chest, the peak fell hard Liu Rongxuan's cheek, Liu Rongxuan immediately felt a soft fragrance.

"Sister Fang, here you are."

Fei Rong raised her head and saw Yun An Fang come in with a sullen face. She immediately greeted her with a smile and chant. Meanwhile, she grabbed her paper.

"Hey, hey, what are the two of you doing? This is the office. Pay attention to it.


Yun Anfang groaned heavily. She threw her bag on the table and pushed her water glass. "Liu Rongxuan, pour me a cup of tea. (editado)


You are not a fucking leader, why let Lao Tzu pour tea for you, Liu Rongxuan stunned, a twist of eyebrows, to this day and night to eat and wait for the death of a woman to have some shame.

However, in this office, he is a new person after all, so long as the new person is everywhere, he will be bullied.

"Sister Fang, let me pour it for you."

Fei Rong knew that when she had just talked to Liu Rongxuan about the manuscript, her posture was somewhat ambiguous. Yun Anfang was jealous of her younger brother, whose face was covered with small bumps.

Yun Anfang was stunned, but Liu Rongxuan didn't know how interesting this kid was. What's wrong with pouring a cup of tea for the old lady? You fucking new stinky kid, pouring a cup of tea will die.

Just wanted to sarcasm a few words, Liu Rongxuan has stood up, "Fei Rong, you go to revise your manuscript, I come.


Hearing Liu Rongxuan say this, Yun An-fang's face was a little better. She sat down in a chair and began to take things out of her bag.

This time, however, she was not carrying sweaters, although it was still early in winter, and she had begun knitting children's winter sweaters.

Yun Anfang took out a mirror and a makeup box, while dressing up in the mirror, said, "Xiaorong, I'm going to talk to the TV station about the news later, this is the minister's instructions, if the section chief asked you to help me report to him."

"Okay, Fang sister."

Fei Rong nodded and began to wait for the draft to be revised. Liu Rongxuan had just pointed it out to her in great detail. She believed that as long as they had just discussed it, there was absolutely no problem with the draft.

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