one. selcouth

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renjun pov

D A Y    O N E

selcouth; unfamiliar, rare, strange, and yet marvellous.

This was how I felt sitting in his seat, watching the two boys in front of me giggle and write on a small, ripped piece of paper.

I had never experienced this kind of feeling before but it was oddly marvellous; the feeling of happiness from watching someone else.

But also I felt a tinge if jealousy in my heart when one boys hand touched the other. It didn't make sense to me at all but I enjoyed it.

I was snapped out of my nice daydream by the teacher calling my name, I had only realised she was calling me when the two boys I had been watching turned to look at me along with the rest of my class.

'What was that?' I looked up, my cheeks turning red.
'I asked what you were planning on doing for your art project soon?' She looked at me with concern; I never daydreamed during art, it was my favourite subject and usually I payed attention.

'Oh, I haven't decided yet..' I was lying. I knew exactly what I was painting. I just didn't want to announce it to the class and become even more embarrassed than I already was.

'Well please decide by the end of the week and come and tell me alright? And please stop staring with heart eyes and Jeno and Jaemin.' She sighed and rolled her eyes.

Oh no..

Now they would know that I was staring at them...

Their eyes widened a little as I smiled shyly, my cheeks burning bright red before they looked at each other and turned around to face the front once again.

I was beyond embarrassed except I didn't know why.

I buried my head in my blue sweater paw hands and tried to not die from embarrassment. It wasn't working.

I didn't like them and if I did it was only in a friendly way wasn't it?

I tried to make myself believe this but why were my hands so sweaty and my heart beating at a million miles per hour?

I tried my best to pay attention but I couldn't do it. They were too distracting.

The boy on the left had black hair, half moon eye smiles and a laugh that could cure any sickness. The boy on the right had fair hair and was equally as dreamy as the other and they were both so damn-

Shut up Renjun, you don't like them like that! Do you?

I scribbled down something that the teacher was writing on the board and was beginning to concentrate once again when the note came.

It was on a small, ripped piece of paper and my name was scrawled on the front.

I looked up and around me but nobody showed any signs of it being them; everyone was normal apart from the two in front of me who sat huddled together, whispering and glancing backwards.

I was about to unfold the note when the bell rang and I was forced to put my things away.

I slipped the note into my pocket for reading when I got into the corridor. My heart was still beating fast.

As I walked out of the classroom I brushed against the black haired boy and he smiled at me a little.

My heart went mad and began buzzing, my cheeks lit up like a firework and my stomach was doing somersaults.

Are you sure you don't like him that way Renjun? No.

When I was in the clear I took the note from my pocket and unfolded it. The writing was neat compared to that on the front and was written in a blue gel pen so it was slightly smudged.

My heart buzzed even more and my stomach butterflies went crazy as I read it.

we think you look really cute today in blue. don't worry about the staring, if we were behind you we'd do the same,,
~ l.jn +

wow yes another story, norenmin make so soft so I thought I'd write them a story, I hope you like it!

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