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Word count: 1913

Suggested song for the chapter is "You say" - by Lauren Daigle. You can listen to it if you want or not, I don't really care, I just thought this fitted the chapter :).


This is not happening.

It can't be.

"What the actual fućk?"

Angela smiled. "That's the expression that I was hoping for."

"You-You are not here. You can't be here," I stammered out.

"And why is that?"

"You are missing and you weren't here before when Estrela was. Oh, fućk, this is not happening right now. You are not real," I spoke in a panicked voice.

"Hm, maybe," she said, but then grinned. "Okay, you got me. I'm not real, you're just imagining. Hallucinating, is that the word?"

I felt the need to faint.

"What the hell? This is insane."

"It's not the first time that you've imagined the case victim," she mumbled.

"Yeah, maybe you're right. But this is wrong so leave."

Angela tilted her head, and my heart clenched at how beautiful she looked in real life. Well, fantasy but it still felt so real. "Why is it wrong, Nathan?"

Oh god, the way she said my name, I nearly groaned.

What is wrong with me?

"Because it just is. It's weird imagining you here," I explained.

"How am I different from all the other girls?" she asked.

I froze at her question. "Because... because you're just different and I don't even know why."

Angela sent me a soft smile. "I know why."

"So why are you here?"

"Well," she tucked her tongue in her cheek, "I'm basically your subconscious. I am here to help you solve my case, so your brain thought it would be best if you imagined me, it would help you solve my case faster."

"So, I am going to solve it?"

"Nathan, your brain doesn't know that. It brought me only to help you, but it can't confirm if you're going to solve it. That's quite humanly impossible. Your brain only wants you to succeed and honestly, if I was the real Angela then I would want that too."

"This... this is a lot to take in," I commented.

Angela looked around my room. "Nice room. You planning on staying here for a while?"

"Honestly, I don't know even myself."

"And why is that? I thought you didn't want to stay, you hate this town so what could be the reason why you would want to stay. I mean, even your parents didn't get you to stay, not even your crying mom."

"I said that I don't know," I admitted while shaking my head.

It surprised me when Angela smirked. "I know the reason, but I'm going to let you... figure that out yourself."

I rolled my eyes as I laid back on my bed, crossing my arms behind my head. "Is there a point to this?"

"What do you think?"

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