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THEA WAS HAPPY THAT SHE DIDN'T HAVE TO LISTEN TO VINCE'S SPEECH AS SHE KNEW HOW BORING IT COULD BE. The girl didn't have anything against Vince but sometimes he could babble on for ages. Luckily she could soon join her friends again. "Took you guys long enough to rescue us." joked Aris as he drank a bit of water. He looked tired and unhealthy.

"It was not like you guys moved or anything." commented Thea sarcastically as she looked at Sonya and Aris. "So what happened?" quizzed Thomas as he crouched down in front of them. "We fought back. Tried to anyways." explained Aris while he looked at his water. "Lucky you found us at all." added Sonya making Aris' head snap towards her. "They had us on the move a lot. I feel like something big was happening."

"Any idea where they were heading?" interrogated Newt. "All I know is... they kept talking about a city." replied Aris as he thought about what he knew which was not very much. "I didn't think there are any cities left." spoke Harriet with a confused undertone. "Me neither, I thought all cities were gone." agreed Clara.

"Because there aren't." stated Brenda as she stood there with her arms crossed. "Not ones which are still standing anyway." "Okay. What about Minho? Why wasn't he on the train?" asked Thomas who also got more confused by each sentence that was spoken. Sonya and Aris looked at one another with doubt in their eyes, "Sorry, Thomas. He was."

"There. That's it." Thomas pointed to a point on the map which he just rolled out. "It's a few hundred miles. Based on the rail ways and what Aris told us. This has got to be where they headed. This is where they're taking Minho. We take everyone who can fight, follow the roads where we can, we can make it back within a week."

Thomas tried to convince Vince to let him do this but it didn't really seem to work as Vince asked with disbelief in his voice, "A week?" "It took us six months to get here. We've got over a hundred kids here now. We can't just hang out here forever. After what we just pulled. You wanna- wander off to some random point on the map? You don't even know what's there."

"I do." Jorge involved himself into the conversation, making all the heads turn to him. "It's been a few years. I've been there. The last city, that's what WICKED called it. It was our old base of operations. If that city is still standing, that's the last place you wanna go to, hermano. That's the lions dent."

"It's not like we haven't done it before." spoke Thomas with confidence. Their plan would basically be pure suicide. "Yeah, with months of planning. And reliable information. The element of surprise. Nothing of which we have now." argued Vince. Did he just call Aris and Sonya unreliable sources? Even if it was indirect.

"I've thought this through-"

"The last time we went off I lost everything! You remember that." spoke Vince with a raised voice. "Look, I know it's Minho. All right but you can't ask me to put those kids on the line for one man. I won't do it." Vince was right with his statement, it would be very stupid to risk the freedom of over twenty or more kids for one man, even if it was Minho. Thea wanted to rescue him too but they needed to find a better way.

A weird signal wave came from the radio which they used as a communication device. The sounds were muffled but they understood what was meant, WICKED was coming closer. They all reacted at once and turned the lights off in hopes of getting not caught. Thea pulled a lever which controlled the light making many lights go out.

Soon the whole coast was dark. The sound of the aircrafts coming closer neared as they could see the lights in the distance. They were coming closer and Thomas knew that. And luckily they weren't spotted but how long would their luck last?

Thea woke up with the side besides her being empty. Newt wasn't there. Where was he? Then ran a thought through her head which made her face go white, they went on to rescue Minho. She knew that Thomas was also gone as it was originally his idea and he would be the one who would do it. Her suspicions were confirmed as she saw how his 'outside' clothes were gone alongside a fewer things of his stuff.

The girl sprung up as quietly as possible as she grabbed different clothes and changed rather quickly. She ran quietly down the halls outside towards the place where Jorge and Brenda stayed. "Jorge! Brenda!" she went over to Brenda first and shook her awake. "W-what?" mumbled the dark haired girl as she sat up confused.

The blond immediatly went over to the older man and shook him awake. He was just as confused as Brenda. "What? Thea?" quizzed Brenda as she rubbed her eyes. "I need your help. Thomas, Newt and probably Frypan left to get Minho." she explained with panic in her voice. She was worried.

"What?" interrogated Jorge as realisation hit him. He knew the area better than them and wasn't very fond of them doing that. "Well, I woke up and Newt wasn't there and some of his stuff wasn't there either. I thought about the day before and as I know both of them I immediately assumed that they went to rescue Minho because they were so disappointed." rammbled the blond girl.

Brenda and Jorge also got ready and the trio went to the cars to see that one of them is indeed missing. The trio grabbed the most important things as fast as they could and got ready. Jorge got onto the drivers' seat meanwhile Brenda got onto the passengers seat and Thea went to the back. The trio drove off in hopes of getting to the three missing boys in time.

According to the map which they grabbed they needed to drive quite a distance. Thea's worry grew over time as they drove. It took them some time until they arrived at a tunnel. They activated the flashlight off the car and drove in. At first it was rather quiet as they drove through the dark tunnel until they spotted cranks.

The cranks ran in one direction, all of them which was something very weird. The trio followed the cranks and ran some over who tried to attack them as they went along. Soon enough they arrived at a light source, a car. They recognized the car as it was one of the cars which was mere hours ago back in the base of the right arm. It was turned over on its back as its windows were broken.

"We need to prepare for the worst, hermanas." spoke Jorge as he started to drive faster. Brenda pulled out her gun and got ready just in case. Thea - who was in the back of the car - also pulled out a gun and got ready to shoot. She took a deep breath and looked out of the window as cranks walked by.

Then they spotted a big crowd of cranks which surrounded something, they surrounded the boys. Distant shooting echoed throughout the tunnel as they sped up and drove straight throught the crowd of cranks until they arrived at their destination. At this point Brenda and Thea already poked their heads through the opening of the car and started to shoot cranks.

"Hey! Get in!" boomed Brenda as she shot the cranks one by one. "Come on!" added Thea as she motioned for them to come over. The guys had surprised looks on their faces as they ran towards the car. "Go!" hollered Brenda to Jorge as she and Thea sat down in the car. Jorge started to drive really fast again as they exited the tunnel.

The boys didn't utter a word but sat there in a state of surprise. "I'm impressed. You guys almost lasted a whole day." declared Jorge as he concentrated on the road. Brenda turned around to look at the guys as she shook her head, "You know, if Thea wouldn't have noticed that you guys are gone, we wouldn't be here." The dark haired girl looked at Thea who had a slight smirk on her face as the guys glanced at her.

"I'm sorry. I didn't want to bring you guys into this." explained Thomas. "Hey, I think what he is trying to say is thanks for saving us and thank you Thea for noticing that we were gone." corrected Frypan as he leaned forward. "No problem guys. You gave me a heart attack." commented Thea as she grinned slightly. Newt just shook his head at his love, she was very proud of herself.


They were twats and tried to do it alone (not a great idea). I was not very creative but I didn't want Thea to join them, idk why. Even if she is Newt's love she doesn't need to be involved in everything he does. But that is just my opinion.

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