Chapter 14! King Of Nomus!

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(Izuku's POV)
I had woken up with my body on fire with pain. I tried to move but I was restrained on what looks like a hospital bed. The walls were cracked and water dropped from the ceiling so I definitely wasn't in a hospital. I tried to move to a more comfortable position. When I moved pain shot through me instantly. "I wouldn't move to much, your training was taken a little to far." I heard come from the corner of the room. I looked towards the source. Dabi sat in an old chair in the corner. "Why am I restrained?" I ask with a hint of fear. "Do you don't injure yourself any further." He responded a little to quickly. I started think about what got me into this mess in the first place because I had nothing better to do. I started thinking about my mother and how I missed everyone. I didn't realize Dabi started to get bored and listened trying to find out what I was muttering. I mainly was muttering about my mother. He realized I was muttering about my mother that I wasn't even supposed to know. He started putting the pieces together starting with me running away at the USJ. Dabi stood up quickly and left the room. I hadn't even noticed my noticed that was my biggest mistake. I sat in the quietness of the room until the door busted open. Dabi, Toga, Dad, and All for One rushed into the room. Dad and All for One both had syringes. The syringes were different and had different sized doses. I started to struggle against the restraints even through the pain in my body. Yoga and Dabi rushed to the sides of the bed and grabbed my arms and legs. They held me down so I wasn't able to move and hurt myself more or them. All for One and Dad started coming closer to the bed as I tried breaking free again. Toga and Dabi held me down with a stronger force than before. Dabi held down one arm while he gagged me with a cloth with his other hand. Dad and All for One got to the sides of the of the bed. They both lined the needles up to a vain in each arm before plunging the needle into each arm. I yelped and tired to move away from the needles. They started to inject what was in the needles in my arm. My body started to burn as my mind became foggy. I was struggling and trying to scream. My screaming started fading out as I struggled to keep whatever I was thinking on my mind. They took the needles out of my arms as I was getting dizzy. I was struggling to stay awake as the four of them just smiled at me. I was losing the battles I was fighting. I had given up on keeping my thoughts but was determined for some reason to stay awake. I couldn't remember really remember whom I was and what I was doing here. At the end of the battle I had lost and succumbed to darkness.

(All for One's POV)

We found out why Midoriya's son had ran to the heroes at the USJ attack. He never lost his memories. Well they are gone now but he will become OUR little NOMU! We had knocked out and dropped the two boys that we had with him in front of the Yueii school. They had no use to us villains anymore. Once our little Nomu walks up can start his disciplinary training after testing. Midoriya doesn't get too hurt like he did at his first time with disciplinary training but that's the problem. He needs to listen and we must punish him if he doesn't. We still must be careful with him tho. We must train him, gain his trust as his new family, and kill All Might. Yeah he may be a Nomu but he is also Midoriya's son. He not only was a Nomu now but he was the King of Nomus. He can control the other Nomus. He attracts other Nomus to him due to his status. He also will be getting a super regeneration quirk after his disciplinary training. He also has the ability to breed with other male Nomu. I'm hoping he doesn't attract them and they well you know what. He is the first Nomu to be able to move on his own command. He can think, move, and feel. We need to build a bond with him so he doesn't betray us. While he was unconscious we gave him a new quirk while he was asleep. It was a healing quirk only thing is it can only heal other Nomus or people. In the long run I think this is a bad idea and might go wrong. We are spending so much time and effort into our little Nomu King. I just need to believe in what Midoriya is doing.

(Izuku's POV)

I started to wake from my painful slumber. I can't where I am or why I'm here. I started to get up and stand but when I went to stand my wobbly legs and collapsed. As I fell I felt arms snake around my waist and catch and pull me up as I squeaked before I hit the floor. The sudden movement made me feel sick and bile built in my throat. I tried to get to the bag next to me but it was to late. I had thrown up on the floor. After I finished throwing up I went limp in the person's arms that held me. I felt a hand patting my back trying to help. "Just wait a little longer before moving so much Izuku. I don't want you getting hurt or sick again my son." I turned towards whom had caught me and looked at them. Somehow I felt and knew he was my Father. (I don't know why but I always capitalize Dad or Father) "Dad?" I replied with a rather raspy unsure and shaky voice. "Yes my son. You need more rest son now sleep." He replied like it was a command. After he said that I started to become extremely tired and let myself succumb to the comforting darkness. I felt like I was floating in the darkness after a while. I started to feel like I was there forever. I had a blank mind nothing was filling it. I tried to think of something but couldn't. It was as if the darkness prevented me from doing so. I started to be able to think again as I felt like something was moving around and touching me. I was confused because I couldn't see still in the darkness but could somehow feel most things. I started to get more feeling back as I was trying harder to think of more things. The darkness around me started fading due to light. Blurry figures started to flood my vision. When I gained full vision I built up enough strength to shot up and try and stand. Something restrained me for sitting up fully. I looked around as I did the room seemed like a laboratory. I saw people walking around and doing sophisticated things that were to complicated for me. I saw Dad and once he saw me look at him he headed in my direction. Once he reached me he petted my head. "It's okay my son. They are doing tests that will determine if you are healthy or not." He told me. Once he told me that my mind and body relaxed. They finished testing and spook with Father about the results. Once finished Dad told me to follow him. I got up slowly but followed with no questions asked. We got to our destination. It looked like a bar.

To be continued

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