Chapter 17: Direction [/]

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"Hey, Chris!" Sylvia said

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"Hey, Chris!" Sylvia said. She waved Devina off and joined his side as he wandered around the building. "Are you looking for Anaeya?"

"What? No-uh, isn't she suppose to be here?"

The girl grinned, shaking her head.

"You should stop wandering around. If you're trying to keep low profile, try not to look like you have no sense of direction. This is your sixth time circling the office."

He pursed his lips in annoyance. Not because Sylvia was being annoying but she was being annoyingly right.

"Dayana is sick so Anaeya took the day off," Sylvia explained. "You have rehearsal after this, eh?" Christopher nodded. "Could you help me buy lunch for Anaeya and check up on them after rehearsal?"

"Uh, sure. I don't mind, I could just drop by for a bit."

"I'm sure you know the way since you sent her home yesterday. I'll pass you the money after rehearsal, kay?"

"Nevermind. Its my treat."

Sylvia scoffed, amused.


He knocked the door again and waited. A few seconds later, he heard something scraping the floor from the other side of the door and then it unlocked.

A chair scrapped against the floor again and then the door opened to reveal a four year old staring up at him with a toothy grin.

"Christopher!" Dayana said, hugging his leg. "¡Te extraño mucho!"

He laughed and rubbed her head with his free hand. "I brought food for you and your sisters. You feel better now?"

"Sí. Te amo," she said, clutching his hand and leading him into the apartment. He placed the food on the kitchen counter. "Rayna se fue. So we don't need to wait for her. Anaeya esta durmiendo."


The little girl hummed. "Ella esta enferma."

"Donde esta ella?"

"Sigueme," she said, dragging him to the living room.

Dayana was right, Anaeya was asleep on the couch with a blanket covering half of her body. Her head was leaning to one side in an uncomfortable angle as she clutched a rosary in her hands.

"How long have she been like this?" he asked, frowning. Dayana shook her head.

Christopher walked towards the girl and touched her forehead. Then, he nodded to Dayana. "Just a slight fever. Ella esta cansada."

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