Chapter 14

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My head hurt, my right ankle hurt, my right wrist hurt, my left leg hurt. Everything hurt. I slowly opened my eyes, met by nothing but light. It hurt getting used to the light. It took a while for me to start being able to see where I was. I wish I hadn't done that. I woke up on a hard metal bed, feeling nothing but pain. How my back wasn't hurting, I would never know. I groaned and sat up, looking around the room. It was all white and absolutely terrifying. It looked like some place, aliens experimented on humans. It reminded me a bit of the Skybox. Just then, I realized I had no idea how I got here. The last things I remembered was someone firing a gun and something exploding. My breath started getting erratic as I realized I had no idea who the hell brought me here.
"Are you ready to get out of quarantine?" A voice said, coming from my cell door. Someone opened it, stepping in to my cell. My eyes quickly traveled to the door. It was a middle aged woman who entered. I looked around, trying to find a weapon. I needed to get some answers. That's when I noticed something on the nurse. A needle. I could probably use a needle. Just as the nurse had closed the cell door, I ran up to her. She hadn't even turned around before I grabbed her hair yanking her back. I wrapped my arm around her neck, choking her as I grabbed the needle. She struggled a bit, until I loosened my arm around her neck, flinging her back onto the bed, needle in hand. I straddled her, before pressing the needle to her neck. One wrong move and she'd be dead.
"Who are you?" I yelled at her, frantically. She didn't say anything. "WHO ARE YOU?" She stuttered a bit. Her eyes were widened in fear.
"Petunia Smith, I'm your doctor," she stuttered, clearly about to cry. I almost felt bad for her. She must've been frightened as hell.
"Where am I?" I yelled, only thinking about getting some answers. I didn't care if she lived or died. I needed answers.
"Mount weather, please don't kill me," her breath was erratic, I could see her starting to cry. Mount Weather? How the hell did I get here? And where was Bellamy?
"Why am I here?"
"We saved you."
"Why am I at the hospital?"
"Your ankle's sprained and you've suffered head trauma." I stopped straddling her, removing the needle from her neck. I had gotten all the answers I needed for the moment. I motioned for her to go out of my room. I could see the relief wash over her face. Why I didn't kill her, I didn't know. I should have. That's when it all went black.

I woke up, completely out of my mind. What the hell had just happened? Who the hell were they? What the hell did they want with me? Why the hell couldn't I just leave? Trying to make sense of the situation, I quickly sat up in my bed, before realizing I was in some sort of hospital. The beds were surprisingly comfortable, more comfortable than the one I slept on in camp. The room seemed big, almost alien in its decor. Definitely didn't help me calm down. It's seemed almost too sterile and that's saying a lot for a hospital.
"Hey," I heard someone on my right say. I turned my head to see someone I'd never believe I could be happy to see. Clarke. I sighed relieved over not being the only one in the dark about this place.
"Where are we?" I asked Clarke, looking around the room again, trying to spot a window or something along the sort. Why weren't there any windows? What kind of people didn't like windows?
"I have no-". Before Clarke could answer, a door opened, making both our heads turn, somewhat in fear of what would happen next. Probably mostly me.
"Hello Clarke, Alice," a woman said, entering the room, alongside some not-happy looking men and an old man, following just behind the woman. Who the hell were these people? "How's your arm?" It was then I noticed the blood on Clarke. Her arm was bandaged. What the hell was going on? None of us replied.
"Not much of a talker," the woman said, standing right before Clarke. Thank someone they stopped at her.
"A skill picked up from the savages, no doubt," the old man said, stopping before Clarke. A girl had followed behind them. She looked far from happy. "Maya has something to say first anyway." The old man motioned at the girl. The girl, Maya stepped a bit forward.
"You were the next to be clear through quarantine. Another ten minutes and you would've-" The girl, Maya started rambling, before being cut of my the old man clearing his throat. What the hell did Clarke do now? "I'm not pressing charges." Maya said in a tiny, almost undetectable voice.
"Thank you Maya," the old man said, dismissing the girl. This place was getting more and more strange by the minute. "You can get your treatment now." The woman took the girl to one of the hospital beds in the room.
"Restraints aren't necessary," the old man said to one of the not-happy looking men.
"Yes, mr. President," the man said, before moving towards Clarke, removing her restraints, before going over to me, doing the same. I looked at him curiously, worry starting to wave through me more and more. I needed to get out of this place. The old man, apparently president, moved towards Clarke holding out his hand.
"Dante Wallace," he said. Both me and Clarke looked at his hand. He had some sort of black substance on it. Strange old man. "Oil paint. That's right, you're an artist too. Both of you." The strange old man looked at me shortly, before Clarke stood up.
"Who told you that?" She asked, me wanting to know the same thing.
"Your people did. They also said you were their leader. Looks like we have a lot in common. And you are?" Dante asked, now looking at me. I glared at him for a moment, before standing up, moving towards Clarke's side.
"Her gardener," I said sarcastically, still glaring at him. He smiled back vaguely and I could see him starting to get annoyed with me. I sometimes had that affect.
"Where's my watch?" Clarke asked, breaking my glare to the president. He looked at Clarke unapologetically.
"Well, we can't have contaminated items inside Mount Weather. We can't risk it. Our protocol's strict Clarke," he said. "We prioritize safety over sentimentality." I couldn't help but look over at the girl, Maya. She was tied so some tubes, transferring blood to her. It began looking more and more like some alien laboratory, studying humans.
"How many of our people did you capture?" Clarke asked, breaking the silence that had roamed the room ever since the president gave her that unapologetic answer.
"49, including the two of you," he said, still no emotion showing. Who the hell was this man? "But Clarke, you've got it wrong, you're not prisoners, we saved you?"
"Well, in that case you won't mind if we leave," I said, sitting down on Clarke's bed. I was just about done with mr. President, that douche.
"If there are 49 of our people here, we still have people out there," Clarke said. She was always thinking about her people that one. Never thinking about herself.
"The patrols brought in everyone they could find," the president said. What a load of crap.
"What about the Ark. It came down last night," Clarke said, peeking my interest. I could only remember bits about last night, certainly not anything about the Ark coming down.
"We saw it. There were multiple crash sites over a hundred square miles. If there were survivors, we'll bring them in too. You have my word," Dante said. I scoffed.
"Why would your word mean anything to us?" I asked him, being rudely interrupted by Clarke.
"I wanna see my people," she said, demandingly.
"Of course you do. I would too," he said, completely ignoring me and my question. How rude. He turned around motioning for someone to bring in a weird looking suitcase. How long had they been standing there, waiting for a signal? The suitcase was rolled over to us, before being opened, revealing clothes and shoes inside.
"Change and meet me in the hall," he said, making his leave. Finally, that old man left. It was about time. As the men had left, it was only Clarke, the girl Maya, and me left in the hospital. This was getting more and more creepy.
"What the hell is this place?" I whispered to Clarke, as I examined the clothes given to us. Clarke did the same, her gaze quickly falling towards the jewelry.
"I have no idea. But it's too good to be true," she said, earning a scoff from me. I completely agreed.
"We need to find a way out of here," I said, finding something to wear. The clothes wasn't too bad. I had managed to find some jeans, a not too bad shirt, but most importantly, some heels. I had always enjoyed walking in heels on the Ark, and finally, I could get to walk in them again. Just as Clarke lifted one of my now precious heels up, I grabbed it out of her hand.
"No, take the pink one," I said, earning myself a scoff from Clarke. Seeing how slow she was, I look one of the pink shoes, breaking off the heal, handing it to Clarke. "Now, you've got yourself a weapon." I whispered making sure the girl Maya wouldn't hear us. I took the other heel, hiding it underneath my shirt.

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