Chapter 51

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"Show him in," Viktor commanded the butler as he released me, only to take me onto his arm, like I really was his Queen. Darius walked into the study and gave a polite bow, which Viktor nodded at and I gave him a curtsy. His eyes were drawn to me at the movement, and I could see his openly admiring appraisal of me. Viktor's smile spread at his associates' gawking directed at me. "How is Beth?" Viktor asked. Darius' eyes switched to Viktor and he gave him a smile. "Very well," he toned back and looked me up and down again. Something was off but I couldn't figure it out exactly. After a moment, I realized it was because I couldn't hear their thoughts.

Viktor had been fully open to me, until Darius had entered the room. This phenomenon distracted me so much, that I almost forgot the dread I was feeling, at the fact that Viktor had decided to take me home with him. Viktor reached for me and pulled me off of his arm to come and stand before him. "Go wait for me in the master suite. I will conclude my business with Darius, once the third party arrives and will be with you soon, my Dark Queen." He pulled me to him again for another kiss and released me. I curtsied and turned to walk out of the room, shutting the door behind me. My hearing picked up Darius' voice, just before I walked down the hall, "Does she know?" "No." "Have you already succeeded then?"

I was too far away to hear anymore but my mind was reeling. What was going on? What was I missing? I walked up to the master suite and entered it. Like his bedroom in the manor, it was all black but this room was absolutely massive and the black bed was in the center of the room, just waiting for me to writhe and scream on it. I sighed and reached into my pocket on my skirt. I knew it wasn't the wisest thing to do, I had no idea how long Viktor's business would take, but I had to call Nicolae and let him know I wouldn't be coming back; that I would never see him again. My chest was in a vice as I dialed his number, I was on the verge of tears, when he finally picked up.

"Sasha? He can't have left already." "I. I'm calling to say 'goodbye,' Nicolae." "What?" "Viktor has informed me that he will be taking me back to Europe with him tomorrow. I'm not coming back to Mysteryspell, probably ever again. He intends to make me his Bride, his Dark Queen, when we get back. I. I overheard him speaking with Darius about me not knowing something, about Viktor succeeding at some secret plot. The way Darius greeted him was strange as well; like he was Viktor's subservient, instead of his equal. I don't know what's going on, but what I do know, is that I'm not ever coming home to you or your brothers. I'm lost to you. Please don't ever forget how much I love you all. Goodbye." "Sasha!" I ended the call and wiped the phone's memory. I reached inside and took out the SIM card, so he couldn't call me back, showing a record of it.

All was lost to me. My home, my friend, my family, the love I had tasted. I was sinking back into a place of despair, similar to the dark abyss that I had flown into a couple nights earlier. It swallowed me, chilling my very soul, just like the black water of the quarry; starting with my feet it flowed upwards to swallow me into a place where I couldn't breathe and didn't know how to escape. I was being taken, my bleeding heart would dry up and the screams of terror in my heart would ring forever inside of me. I was Viktor's. I was only his now. Now and forever. A slave. A prisoner. A Bride to the cruelest man I knew, while I was in love with his three sons. That was the definition of pure agony.

I stood like a statue in the great black room, devoid of life, waiting for my master to come and possess me. I heard footsteps approaching down the hall. He was coming for me. The door opened and I looked up to him. He shut the door behind him and walked over to me, a hollow shell of a woman who had once known love and passion and belonging. He pulled me to him and started kissing me. "You will feed from me," he commanded. "Yes, Master." He reached around and started undressing me, dropping my jewelry to the floor, before he pulled his shirt off of himself. His look was of ownership and the fire of arousal, as he bent over to finish removing our clothes. I almost wept as I started detaching my mind from my body; remembering the previous night I had shared with Peter. Viktor bent to me and bit down on me, pulling me up to him; pressure on the back of my head telling me he wanted me to do the same. I winced and bit down as he carried me to his massive bed.

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