Chapter 6 - Discussions and Training

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Percy's POV

"-that we try and get the old Percy back!" I heard a croaking voice say. Anger started to build up in me. I flushed my eyes open, to be gretted by a standing Annabitch that was shouting on how they could get Percy back.

I lashed my head back and laughed humorlessly. I received numerous confused glances and pleading faces.

"Excuse me? Do you really think that you'll get Perseus Jackson back? He is gone. and not coming back." I said as I looked around, amused at how their expressions turned sadder.

"What do you mean? You're him! You're sitting right in front of us!" Annabitch said as her left eye twitched.

"Who? I used to be Perseus Jackson, now he is dead. I am Lord Atromitos now. And you will all address me as such." I informed them, as they hung their heads down. "Now, if you'll take actually strategising; call me." I said as I walked out the meeting room and into the arena where I was to meet Nico.

"Hey, do you want to talk now?" I said, smiling at him.

He looked around wearily, before tackling me in a bear hug.

"You're stupid, stupid! Do you know how much I missed you, how much everyone else missed you?" Nico said as he sobbed in my chest silently. It was muffled, however, so it more or less came out like, "Por supid, supid. Boo yu knuo hu muche I miuused yu, hu muche euveryone elseu misseud yu?"

"Sh, sh. It's okay now, I'm here now. I'm with you now, that's all that matters right now, okay?" I said as I pulled him away, still gripping his shoulders. I wipped a tear that was trickling down his cheek.

I took out a hankerchief that Bianca gave me and gave it to him. He gladly took it and blew his nose.

My little brother, my poor little brother.

"Where were you all this time?" He said after he recovered from his tears.

"So the bitches we call the gods didn't tell you?" I spit out, angry that they didn't even bother to tell him. Him.

They didn't tell him. One of the one people who didn't leave me. That didn't believe the things Nathan told them, who he told by Nemesis.

"They didn't tell me, what?" Nico said, finally returning to his normal and Nico-y self. Emo, gay and an old 87-year-old grandpa. I smiled internally at the thought.

"Sub Tartara misi, ut mihi." I replied in Latin, grinning like an idiot. (That they sent me to Tartarus. A/N: Sorry if this is wrong, I'm using Google Translate. XD.)

"They did th-." Nico started, beofre realisation dawned on him.

"Et Latine loqui? Cum quo?" (You speak Latin? Since when?) Nico asked, his eyes widening in shock.

"Quod si vidi putabam vos: ego volo loqui linguis amet." (I reckoned that if I saw you again, I would want to speak your first language.) I replied, still grinning after the fact that I shocked him.

Nico just stood there, staring into space. I looked at him amused, but he only snapped out of it when a voice started calling us from behind.

"Nico and... Percy?" A frictionless velvety voice called out behind us. I turned my head slightly and smirked at who it was.

Will Solace stepped out of the shadows, (ironically) wearing an orange t-shirt that screamed, 'CHB!' overlayed with a green checkered cardigan. He had two herbal bags swinging from his shoulders that were overflowing with different medicines nd herbs. He had a small brown bracelet on his right hand that was tucked in the pocket of his grey trousers, leading down to his brown Nikes. {A/N: Apollo and his kids LOVE wearing Nike, don't they?}

"Percy?" He repeated, a hint of shock in his voice. I had made a face when he said my former name, but decided to let it off since Will was such a good kid.

"Hey Will." I greeted as I bro-hugged him.

"Dude, I missed you." He said, but then noticed my choice of clothes. "Um, not to be rude or anything, man. But, why are you wearing such punky clothes? You're a child of Poseidon, aren't you? Why are you wearing that for a child of the se-." He started asking but I cut him off.

"Sit down, this'll take a lot of explaining." I said as they reluctantly sat down, linking hands. Ship <3.

I created a dark force field around us that was sound-proof. Comes with the perks of being Erebus' champion. I had also made the night disguise the force field in plain sight. Thank you, Lady Nyx and Sir Erebus.

"Right, so when I was 'taken' to Olympus," I started as I used the quote motion around the word 'taken'. "I awoke in Celestial Bronze Chains, staring down at the marble floor, right?" I paused so they could catch up. They nodded in sync. Cute.

"I look up, yeah. I meet the eyes of the Olympian Council. Lord Zeus had told me that a certain blonde had accused me of attempting of murdering the campers and numerous other treasons." I pause as I look up to meet their faces, which were gradually filling with rage. Their hands had gripped each other's.

"You wouldn't do that, would you? Why would they accuse you of something so disgustingly vile?" They shouted in sync as their knuckles started to turn white.

I sighed. "See, why wouldn't the rest of the camp be as loyal as you two?" My eyes met theirs as I saw a trace of sympathy in their orbs. That was the last thing I needed right now.

Shaking my head slightly, I told them a vague version that lead us to where we are now. Counting a few of the encounters, raising people from the dead and numerous other things. I had purposely left out Bianca's role as that would be a surprise I would be revealing soon.

After I nodded my head, Will sighed from all the tension and leaned into Nico's neck, the latter rubbed small circles on his back, whispering sweet nothings into his ear. I had muttered a quiet, 'aww'.

"But," I said as their heads snapped to me. "There is a very pleasant surprise that Nico will very much appreciate. And I'm sure you will as well, Will." {A/N: Jokes lmao.}

"I present to you..." I shouted adequately as I stood up from my space with one hand on my chest and the other in the air.

"The love of my life, Bianca Di Angelo!" I announced dramatically as I bowed mockily, only to be responded by a rather 'light' smack on the head.

"You dipshit, why do you always have to exaggerate everything?" Bianca's velvety voice rang out as her figure slowly emerged from the shadows.

A sheepish grin makes its way to my face, which is soon mirrored by her.

Averting her gaze from me, her onyx black orbs meet her younger brother's.

Tears start streaming from both of their faces as they engulf each other in tight embraces. Their sobs echo throughout our little dimentional space, their hot tears dropping onto the floor elegantly.

Will's shocked face turns into a confused one. Realisation dawns on him as he starts to adore the sight before him.

"Now, shall we get onto business?"

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