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IT TOOK THEM six MONTHS TO COME UP WITH A PLAN. six 'effing months. The Right Arm rebuild itself. Even if it took some time, they finally managed it. Over the time the group bonded with one another and their friendship grew. The relationship between Thea and Newt developed too. The two of them took their time to get to know one another again, which didn't go unnoticed by the others who figured out about their relationship pretty soon.

Thea also reconnected with her two best friends which made all of them happy. But soon the time of their mission had to come. They all prepared for it, mentally and physically. It was very important that all of them were prepared and ready for it. And then it all started.

She wasn't one of the people who drove in the cars but she was behind a rock with Newt - who grinned at her - waiting for their signal. It was rather interesting to see the train coming closer and closer to them. She just hoped that their plan would turn out okay because to say the least they were planning the impossible.

They heard Thomas' whistle meaning they should come out now. The couple emerged from behind the rock as Vince yelled, "Newt! Thea!" as he walked to the side and waved. "All right. Come on. Let's go." hollered Newt behind him to signalise that the others - who also hid behind a rock - can come out now.

Newt and Thea ran forwards towards the train with gear on their back. They had the same job but both of them stayed at different sides of the train. As Thea arrived at her spot she was told by Vince to which wagon she should go. She went over to the wagon she should operate on and started to work. Her job was to seperate the wagon from its wheels so it could be lifted up into the air.

The blond girl pulled goggles over her eyes before she put the scarf which hung loosely around her neck on her mouth so she wouldn't breath in the bad air which would result from what she would do. She took her gear which she carried on her back out and started to work. The fire - which she had to use - made her sweat as it slowly became hot.

She knew that she was very close to finishing up her work as Thomas yelled, "Newt, Thea, how you doing?" to which she could faintly her Newt responding with, "Don't rush us!" She didn't even realise what was going on around her as she was very focused on her task. Thea could her how to metal clicked signalising that she was indeed done. "Done!" she shouted as she prepared to go up the wagon.

The girl climbed up the ladder which was on the side of the grey container like wagon and was met with the sight of Thomas. "Newt, get up here!" boomed the brunette boy as he shot at WICKED guards who came closer. "Come on, Newt!" agreed Thea as she ducked on the wagon trying not to be hit by bullets.

"Almost there." replied the blond boy as he continued to work. Vince climbed down from the wagon and shot a fewer guards who were slowly coming even closer. "Newt! Go!" yelled the long haired male towards the boy. Thea could hear how bullets hit the hard metal outside of the container as she saw Newt's head pop up from the side. He made his way to Thea's side who was in the middle of Thomas and Newt now.

"Who the hell are they?" quizzed Newt as soon as he laid down. "I don't know." responded Thomas truthfully as he continued to aim. The two others who joined them in their mission came up the ladder as soon as a big aircraft flew over them. Thea didn't know who they were but she appreciated their help as one of them guarded her meanwhile the other one guarded the front of the wagon.

At the sight of the aircraft the WICKED guards stopped in their tracks as they looked at it. They let out a hook on which they would hook the wagon on. "Come on!" shouted Thomas as it came closer. He jumped up and grabbed it tightly with his hand as he pulled it down. Newt and Thea also grabbed onto it to keep it down.

The guards were almost at the wagon and Vince was still down there. "Vince!" yelled Thea as she realised that the man was still down there. Newt, Thomas and Thea hooked the hook onto the wagon tightly making sure it's secure. "Go! Go!" boomed Thomas towards the people who were sitting in the aircraft as he motioned upwards so they would start lifting up the wagon.

"Vince, get up here!" hollered Newt to Vince who was still not up on the wagon. It was starting to lift up as it broke free from the metal wheels. Thomas stood up and shot at the guards as Vince climbed up the ladder. He made it up. The wagon flew in the air as a feeling of success washed over Thea. They did it.

The group hollered in success as they celebrated upon the wagon. Thea gave Newt a big bear hug as she grinned from ear to ear, "We did it!" The blond boy hugged her back as he mumbled, "Yeah." They all felt like they accomplished something big, which they did.

It was a rather windy ride for the group on the wagon as the air blew into their faces. After they landed on a coast they immediatly started to open the wagon. Thomas opened the door of the wagon letting light stream in. Newt and Thea also entered and started to look around. Thea spotted her two best friends and went over to them as she gave them a hug. Both exclaimed "Thea!" with happiness in their voice as they saw their friend.

Thomas came over to them as they departed from the hug. "Hey, Aris. You guys okay?" he quizzed as he looked at them. Aris had a black eye and busted lip alongside many scratches on his cheeks meanwhile Sonya also had scratches on her face but less than Aris. It made Thea sad to see her friends in such a state. Harriet and Clara soon entered the wagon and hugged their friends again, a hug which Thea got pulled into.

They got reunited - again - after 6 months of not seeing one another which was way longer than the first time. "How I missed you." mumbled Clara into the hug as tears brimmed in her eyes. "We all did." agreed Harriet as she patted the shoulder of her friend. Then Harriet and Clara bombarded the two of them with questions about their health. There was nothing wrong with that except for the facts that they asked so many questions that the two of them couldn't answer anymore.

"Hey, hey. Let them answer before you ask the newt question." interrupted Thea as she looked at the auburn haired girl and the dark skinned girl who still fussed. Thea glanced over to Newt and Thomas who looked sad and disapointed, Minho was not there. It made Thea sad as she knew how much the asian boy meant to his friends.

She went over to Newt, "He isn't here?" queried Thea with sadness in her voice. The boy shook his head sadly, "No." The smile which she held on her face dropped quickly as she saw how sad they boy was. "I'm sorry." she spoke as she pulled the sad boy into a hug. "We're going to find him. I promise you that."

"Thank you but it's not your fault." he mumbled quietly as he put his chin on top of her head, the height difference making it possible. Neither of them wanted to depart from the hug but Harriet had to disturb the moment, "Don't want to part you lovers but we need to get goin'." she explained. The two of them departed from one another and went their seperate ways but now without smiling at one another lightly.

Aris and Sonya - who saw the whole ordeal - grinned at their friend as they mocked her about her 'lover boy'. Luckily for Thea, Vince held a speech which Aris and Sonya had to listen to meaning they couldn't annoy her. Thea was happy about the day, she got two of her friends back and she was planning on getting Minho back. Hopefully it would work. Hopefully.


They managed to save Sonya and Aris but sadly not Minho. I finally finished the first chapter of 'Flares' aka the sequel of 'Scorch' which I am actually quite proud of. How did you like it?

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