Chapter 26

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"It is beautiful right?" Alec said when he plucked one of the blue roses. He looked at me and gave me a small smile. He tucked the blue rose behind my ear. I shyly smiled at him. I looked in his beautiful eyes and I felt like I could drown in his beautiful eyes.

"Yes, they are pretty." I said and plucked a pink rose and tucked behind his ear. He laughed and shook his head which caused the beautiful pink rose to fall down.

"How could you?" I said and made it seem like it hurts my feelings. He laughed.

"I am not type of a guy." He said.

"Then what type of a guy are you?" I asked out of curiosity. He looked at me.

"I don't know." He said and shrugged. I nodded and looked down.

"What type of a girl are you?" He asked me. I smiled and looked above me where the stars were shining.

"I think I am that type of a girl who loves everyone despites they hurt me or not." I said and I meant it. I loved my father and so did I love my older brother. It scared me because I had no idea who they were and what type of person they are but deep inside my heart I couldn't manage to face them or hurt time like how they would hurt me. It is not in me.

"That sounds disturbing." Alec said and the confusing part was that he really meant what he said. Confused I looked at him. Waiting for him to share his opinion with me.

"I mean why would you care for someone who hurts you?" He asked me. If he only had known that he was one of those people.

"It is hard not to care about them when you know you do and how much it tears you apart from the inside out you will never stop caring about them. Even if it destroys you." I said and something in Alec his eyes flashed. I stood up.

"I think I should go sleep. Tomorrow is the special day." I said and he nodded. He did not look at me. I guess he was still processing the information that I just had told him. I don't know why my words had so much impact on him. I could see almost guilt in his eyes when I spoke out my words.

"Goodnight, Lightwood." I said without looking at him. There was no point at looking at him. He was staring down at the floor. He was not even facing me right now and I had no idea why. Did I do again something wrong?

"Goodnight, Fray." He mumbled and I walked away. I was kind of disturbed knowing that I opened up like that with Alec. He would be the last one to understand about feelings or emotions. He would never know what I was talking about because he closes himself out from emotions and I don't understand why.

Emotions are nothing but a distraction I heard Alec his voice ramble around in my mind. I sighed. Would he even care about me when I become his parabatai?

I walked to my room and wiped away the light make up from my face. I took the blue rose behind my ear and held it in my hand. I smiled and I put the beautiful rose on my drawer. This will always be a reminder for me from Alec. It was magical sitting there with him and talking about my feelings or emotions. He kind of was there for me, which was surprising.

I laid down in bed and not long after that I felt my eyes getting heavier and fell asleep.


"CLARY WAKE UP!" I heard Jace scream. I screamed out of fear and jumped. Shocked I looked at my idiotic brother waiting for him to explain why the hell he just gave me an heart attack.

"You need to hurry up. You woke up late. Your ceremony is in thirty minutes and you are still sleeping here." He said and my eyes widened. I ran to the bathroom and washed my face and had a shower.

"How the hell was this possible?" I whispered to myself in frustration. I took a white dress, just above my knees and let my hair open. I quickly put some make up on my face and looked at myself. Thank the angel that I slept good yesterday without any nightmares. I looked fine today for our ceremony. I hope Alec will like it.

I walked out of the bathroom and my brother Jace was waiting for me. His eyes widened when he saw me and a small smile formed on his lip. I gave him a small smile.

"It looks like you are going to your wedding." Jace says and hugged me. I frowned but said nothing and hugged him back. I really hoped he was not going to tear up about this. Someone knocked on the door and I saw my mother and Luke walking in. I awkwardly gave her a small smile and looked at Luke and did the same thing.

"I am sorry for yesterday." I mumbled as I hugged her. My mother hugged me tightly and shook her head.

"It is fine. I understand why you did what you did. I think I would have done the same thing and from now on. No more secrets." My mother said and looked at me over to Jace. She held my hand and brought Jace's above us.

"I still need to accept the fact that you guys are not babies anymore but grown ups." My mother said and Jace smiled at her. I really did hope she meant what she said and that she would tell us from now on than hiding it from us. It causes conflicts between all of us.

"You look so beautiful, Clary." Luke complimented me and I smiled.

"Thank you." I said and my mother smiled.

"I need a picture of you and your brother." My mother said and made me stand next to Jace. Jace rolled his eyes but pulled me closer to him and smiled as our mother took the picture. I looked at the picture and it was honestly the beautifies I had ever seen. Some tears escaped my eyes as I realized that from now on I will have memories of our family and not feeling isolated from the others.

"Let's go. Alec is waiting." Jace said as my mother finished taking pictures. I nodded and walked with them out of my room. I felt butterflies in my stomach. I think it was because of being nervous. I really had no idea why because it would be just a ceremony for becoming parabatai. It was not like I was getting married to him.

No matter what this even was. I just couldn't wait to see him.

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