Chapter-12 (e)

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Chapter-12: ReSorting

Selene's p.o.v:

We entered the great hall while Draco along with others went to Slytherin table I went to Professor McGonagall to ask for the resort.

"Excuse me, professor, I would like to have re-sort please?" I asked her.

"Why is that Ms Potter? Are you not comfortable at Griffyndor?" She asked.

"No Mam I don't feel safe there anymore, so?" I asked her.

"If that is you want we will do it after first year Ms Potter now go and sit at your previous table." She said.

"Thanks, professor and it's not Potter its Potter-Black," I said and she was surprised but didn't say anything.

I went back to Gryffindor table while I was going Draco looked at me and gave a small smile and I returned it. Sorting started for first years and there were 6 Griffyndor's, 8 Ravenclaw, 8 Hufflepuff and 8 Slytherin's.

"Dear students as one of you doesn't feel safe at their present house that person asked for a re-sort so let me call her name Potter-Black, Selene." Professor McGonagall announced and immediately great hall ceased to silence while I walked gracefully forward all the while keeping my face blank. I sat on the stool and Professor placed Elias (hat) on my head.

Hmm, so Ms. Black now are you ready to get sorted into your tree house?✴ He asked.

Yes Elias and sorry for not listening to you for the first time but Albus is going to pay for what he did to my family.✴ I said anger in my voice was evident.

I will enjoy Albus throwing tantrum after your sorting in his office.✴ He said and I chuckled imagining it.

I would like to see that but I can understand that it is not possible.✴ I said.

Okay now let's get you resorted. You will be in SLYTHERIN.✴ He shouted and everyone was surprised and when I looked at the head table at  Uncle Sev even he was surprised and gave me a small smile along with Uncle Remus but I was confused to see him at the head table. I stood and walked towards the Slytherin table with elegance all the while maintaining even pace, after a few seconds everyone at Slytherin table started cheering.

"Now that we took care of sorting new students. I have a few announcements. This year we have two new defence teachers from 4-7 years Mr Remus Lupin will be teaching while 1-3 years will be taught by Mr Gilderoy Lockhart. And the forbidden forest is out of bounds. Let the feast begin." Headmaster announced.

After everyone was settled, food appeared on our table and everyone started eating and talking about new professors while I was rolling apple in my hands just then an owl soared towards our table and landed in front of Draco and when I looked at seal there was Black and Malfoy crests combinedly which surprised us. Draco opened the letter and it started reading outside he set up privacy spells around our table.

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