Take yourself to the edge

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"Come over tomorrow afternoon and spend the day watching hardcore porn," instructed Elijah over the phone, "use the clit vibrator but don't penetrate. I want your hole tight. Don't allow yourself to cum either, I want you getting worked up and stopping just before the point of orgasm, so you'll be needy and dripping."

Vivian's relationship with Elijah had evolved over the past few weeks. She no longer brought up the topic of her moving in, and she never mentioned her daughter. After the disastrous incident when she had shown up at his door, Fifi and bags beside her, only to be sent away, Vivian had realized that Elijah would not be as easy to manipulate as her exes had been.

To convince Elijah to support and provide for her and her daughter, Vivian decided that she needed a more extreme approach. She had to be a total slut for him, to debase and degrade herself for his pleasure, to prove to him that there was nothing she would not do for him. Only then would he give her the key to his heart, and more importantly, the key to his house.

The very next morning after he'd sent her away, she had turned up at his door.

The moment he opened the door, she dropped her dress to the floor and stood in front of him naked.

"I'm sorry sir," she said, "I beg you to let me suck your cock."

She'd never called him sir before, but the honorific title seemed only appropriate given how inferior she felt in his presence. Her begging to suck his cock was her way of telling him that all she wanted was to satisfy him.

And satisfy him she did. In every way she could. She became his whore. He could xxxx her against the wall if he wanted to, or push her face in a cushion and take her from behind. He could spank her if she didn't moan loudly enough, or choke her if she was screaming too loudly. Her body was his to pick up and slam onto the sofa or bend over the balcony railing or push to her knees at his whim.

He xxxxed all over his house. Except for his bedroom. That one room was off limits to her because it was his "sanctuary for sleep" and he "intended to keep it hygienic."

This meant that if she had to change her clothes or take a shower, she couldn't use his bathroom. Instead, she had to shower and do her makeup in the balcony bathroom next to the jacuzzi. The bathroom that didn't have any curtains or privacy, and had been built with a glass wall that seemed almost purpose-built for a show.

It didn't matter if Elijah had guests over and if they could see her showering or getting ready naked. In fact, Elijah encouraged her to be naked in the balcony when his guests were around. It was humiliating for her to be treated like a living xxx doll, but she swallowed her pride and did it for Elijah. Nothing was more important than winning his approval.

Soon he was instructing her to put on elaborate showering shows where she foamed her big fake breasts with a soapy sponge and took her time squeezing the sponge, letting water drip all over her in an exaggerated and highly eroticized display of showering herself.

She'd developed a routine for when Elijah was entertaining: she would lift herself out of the jacuzzi so that her arms would push her cleavage to her chin, giving his guests the best view of her tits. She would be wearing a skimpy bikini at that point, and once she was out of the water, she'd throw on one of Elijah's luxuriously thick white bathrobes and walk to the bathroom, where she would remove the bikini underneath the bathrobe. She'd turn the shower on hot to make the window fog up just enough to tease the guests. Then, she'd make a big show out of taking the bathrobe off once again, this time revealing her naked body. Once in the shower, she spent a lot of time soaping up her boobs. Vivian was sure she had the cleanest tits in town! As the soap ran down from her boobs to her xxxxx and ass, she'd concentrate on those areas too, caressing and rubbing herself in all her sweet spots, bending over to clean her feet and provide a particularly erotic view to the guests. By the time she was finished, she could usually see at least a few of Elijah's houseguests shifting uncomfortably, doing their best to disguise their hard-ons. She would smile to herself when that happened, thinking, job done!

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