21.Leaving the city

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Finn and Rose carried the last box of supplies onto the transport sealing it shut. "Well that's the last of it." Said Finn sliding the door of the transport closed.

"Take her away." He said nodding to the pilot. As it took off Rose and Finn walked away heading in the direction of  Rey's room. "Do you think she's okay?" Rose asked as they stood outside of her door. Finn didn't answer, "She will be okay won't she?"

Finn turned to her, "I don't know, but no matter what we will be with her every step of the way." Said Finn placing is hand on the door handle, "One step at a time." He pulled it down and they entered to see Rey packing up her bag.

She opened the bedside draw and reached inside to pull out one of Ben's shirts, her hands were shaking as she held it close to her chest. A few tears fell down her cheeks. Rose stepped over, "Hey it's okay, come on let's get this packed up the sooner we leave the better." She said taking another of Ben's shirts from the draw and folding it before placing it in the bag.

"I don't think I'll need all his stuff Rose." Rey said as she watched Rose place everything into the bag folding it carefully.

"Sure you do, Ben won't be happy when he comes back and has no clothes." She said smiling at her. Rey returned with a weak smile, "I guess."

Rey took the final shirt from the draw and folded it up placing it in the bag before zipping it shut. "Right you haven't forgotten anything have you?" Asked Rose.

Rey shook her head, "No I think that's everything." She said looking around the room.

"Then let's go, it's not a good idea to stick around." Said Rose passing the bag to Finn who carried it out the room. Rey stood in the doorway and looked into the room before turning and closing it, she had to remain strong. Not just for her but for the baby.

The three walked along the corridor back into the hanger bay where the Falcon was waiting to take off. They walked up meeting Chewie at the top of the ramp. Chewie wrapped his arms around her offering a kind roar, Rey smiled at him before heading inside.

"Rey where do you want your bag?" Finn asked.

"Pass it over, I'll put it away." She said walking over to him. Finn passed her the bag and Rey walked off in the direction of Ben's room.

She opened the door and stepped inside placing the bag down on the bed, sitting down next to it. Looking around the room Rey wondered if Ben was thinking of her, if he was thinking of coming back or planning to attack cloud city. He wouldn't though. Or would he? Would he ever be the same again? Or had she driven away Ben Solo for good and all that remained was Kylo Ren. She couldn't feel him anymore, but neither of them had any control over the force connection so how he had cut it off was a mystery to her. Rey stood and walked over to one of the shelves, on it were several pictures but the most recent one was the one that she payed most attention to. She lifted the frame off the shelf and looked at the picture, her and Ben were smiling brightly looking like the happiest people in all the galaxy. Holding the picture to her chest, Rey moved over to her back and placed it inside. Where ever she was headed she was sure she wanted it with her. Just a small part of Ben Solo to be with her forever, of course she already had that in her stomach.

"Thank you Lando, for everything you have done for us." Said Leia as they approached the falcon.

"It has been an honour General, only this isn't the last you'll see of me." Said Lando with a smile.

"Is that so?"

"General Organa of the resistance I am pleased to inform you that on behalf of the population of Cloud City we are all in support of the resistance." He said bowing to her.

Leia smiled at him, "Thank you Calrissian ."

"And wherever you're going I hope it's big enough for all the troops I will be supplying you with." He said as they reached the ramp.

"I will send you our location myself once we have arrived, it has been my pleasure to be in your company." Said Leia stretching out her hand.

"Enough with the formalities Princess." Said Lando hugging her, "Han would of been so proud of you."

Leia slowly pulled away, "Yes but he wouldn't be all that happy with you." She said with a laugh.

"You're probably right, now you better get on the falcon and to safety." He said gesturing to the ramp.

Leia nodded, "I hope to see you soon." She said heading up the ramp.

"Me to Leia, me to."

Leia smiled and walked up the rest of the falcon closing it behind her.

"Take her away Chewie." She called out. Chewbacca made a roar from the cockpit and the ship began to rise up from the ground.

"General Organa," said Finn approaching her.

"Finn we are on my late husband's ship I think we are past formalities." She said sitting down on a seat.

"Sorry, Leia. Is Poe on a transport or the main cruiser?" He asked nervously.

"Why?" Asked Leia suspiciously.

"I was just wondering where he is, I didn't see him around any of the X-Wings." Finn replied sitting down opposite her.

"Poe is on the main cruiser with the General Walkim, as there are now only three Generals we decided it would be best that one of them wasn't in an X-Wing trying to blow something up." She said, Finn laughed.

"He is a dedicated fighter." He said with a smile.

At that moment Rey walked in, "Leia where exactly are we going?" She asked timidly.

Leia stood and walked over to her, "Naboo, to be more precise Theed Palace. My mother was a former Queen of Naboo."

A palace. Rey was going to be in a palace. Her jaw dropped, "But how is it we are allowed?"

"My Mother was loved by her people and they would do anything to repay her." Said Leia.

"When will we arrive?" Asked Rose walking in.

"A few hours at the most, I haven't been in over a decade." Leia replied turning to her, "I used to go often with Ben, he loved it when he was a child." Her smile faded.

Rey touched her stomach, she never wanted her baby to leave her.
The next day Rey was woken by the sun shining through the window. She pulled back the duvet and placed her feet onto the marble floor. Pulling on her dressing gown she opened the last glass doors and walked onto the balcony looking out at the sea. The resistance base was in Theed Palace, the Queen of Naboo had moved leaving it unoccupied. With over a hundred rooms there was plenty of room for the resistance along with underground storage and other sleeping quarters.

Rey rested her hands on the wall of the balcony and looked out at the ocean. She closed her eyes, breathing in the fresh air. Suddenly the stone beneath her fingers had disappeared. Opening her eyes she found herself looking at Ben in the eyes. She was on a first order ship and Ben was standing opposite her. "Ben."

She stretched out her hand, desperately wanting to hold his hand in her own. Ben looked down at it before looking back up and glaring at her, clenching his fists. "Ben please." Rey begged her hand shaking. Ben turned away from her, and began to walk away. "It's Kylo Ren, Supreme Leader of the First Order." Rey let out a quite gasp holding back her tears. It was over she had changed him back into the monster he once was. Kylo Ren had returned.

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