"We're here " he said as he got me down.

I looked up this familiar building , which 10th floor is our home. I started walking but suddenly I felt dizzy and nauseous and immediately held his hands.

"are you okay ?" he said

"yes, just can you get something to drink? " I said as I sat down on the stairs.

"OK, you stay here. I'll come in a moment " he said as I nodded.

While he was absent I started observing my surroundings and I saw some kittens! those were cuddling with each other and their mother was trying to feed them.

It reminded me of something.

"here " suddenly someone spoke between my thoughts.

"quick " I said

"yeah, here take this " Chanyeol said

"Park's Coffee! Is it open this time? " I said

"it's a 24 hour cafe and restraurant now " he said

"I see" I said

"Kaja! " he said

As he gave me his hands and we both got in lift while drinking coffee. A hot coffee in freezing winter, nothing's better.

I took out the keys, and I thought if he'll give his lucky charm kiss he used to give before getting in home everyday back then and to my surprise he did, he pecked my head as we walked.

The whole house was untouched and clean but I smelled alcohol all over and the smell of cigarettes. I guess this was the place he used to spend his darkest days. Where was mine? I had nowhere to go by the way.

I went to garbage bin to throw the glasses and the whole bin was full of beer cans . I sighed and went beside Chanyeol who was making a drink now.

"why are you making a drink? " I said

As he poured ice in  glasses full of alcohol.

"I want to do somethings one last time with you " he said

"why? What is this one last time? We can't be separated now, we have a bond to keep us for whole life. Right? " I said

"you'll know why and what tonight, I'm sorry " he said as a tear fell off his eyes.

"don't cry please " I said

Seeing him cry is the most painful thing in the world.

"hmmmm" he mumbled as he wiped his tears off and gave me the glass.

I drunk it and I guess it's too heavy, I felt a bit dizzy but Chanyeol he didn't look like being effected. I was totally drunk with just a glass.

"C... chanyeol.. Dil you mik somethin up " I said sluttering .

"I already said sorry, I wanted you to be drunk while me being finally awaken" he said

"w- *hick up * what do you mean? " I said

"what do I mean? You'll know, let's go somewhere for the first and last time " he said and dragged me somewhere.

He put me into his car and drove.

My eyes shot open when he hit my head with his hands.

"sorry to hurt, come one now! " he said

I was still feeling dizzy. I worry about it now.

Soon I saw a large valley, the only the beam of light there was the moon and Channy's car lights.  I felt lost everywhere I would see there's a valley and at the back it's a long road behind, no one seems to be traveling there. There's only darkness as long as you can see. Everything was dark. The moon was full and it was this special day when it's red.

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