Broken Time Machine| #writewithZo

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The year is 3092, mankind is dying off. Frice Coyly is one of the last astronauts left. Unlucky enough, the only spacecraft that can be used is a time machine, one that's been broken for years.

He stares at the numerous blinking lights in front of him. His hands sweating and shaking because of the unknown that lays ahead. After all, all of humanity is counting on him. He chews on the inside of his cheek, slowly grabbing a lever, hoping and praying the lever starts the iron machine. He watches as the years spin by, counting backwards.

He wipes his sweaty forehead with the back of his hand, his heart pounding against his chest as if it's going to explode. How will a time machine help him get to an Earth-like planet? He thought to himself. There's only one way to find out.

Red lights start flashing and a thunderous siren booms out of the blue. He winces at how loud the noise is, almost unbearable. He presses his palms to his ears, the machine starts shaking violently, tossing him back and forth against the walls. He grabs onto the seat and buckles himself in as quickly as possible. The window fogs up and the machine comes to a halt, flinging him forward intensely.

He wipes his hand along the glass, feeling for the temperature. He holds his hand there for a moment to notice its neither hot nor cold. As the fog on the window disappears he notices sunflowers, beautiful and vibrant. He hesitates before opening the door, he lifts his leg and places his heavy boot along the umber ground. He gazes around him in astonishment, sunflowers for miles. He walks along the field of sunflowers touching the long green stems, this is the greenest green he's ever seen.

He wanders along a stone path as if someone had placed these stones here. He looks up at the sky, various shades of purple, pink, and orange color the sky like a painting. His mouth drops from its beauty. How had I not noticed this before? He thought. He continues down the pathway and hears something, something like the sound of water. He turns around, moving in a circle. Where is that coming from? A few feet in front of him are shrubs and trees. Theres got to be hundreds of them. As he moves closer towards them he notices strawberries, blueberries, tomatoes, and peach trees. Who knows how many other types of plants are on this gorgeous planet. He glances behind a few more plants and spots a stream of clear water.

He slowly pulls his helmet off, hoping there's oxygen on this mysterious planet. He takes a deep breath and smiles. Ah, fresh air. He takes another deep breath and the scent of lavender fills his nose. He kneels down on the ground and pulls his gloves off, placing his hand in the cool water. He cups his hands and takes a long awaited sip, crisp, clean, water.

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