Joyous Travel and The Wrong Suitcase (Story #1)

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Joyous Travel with the Wrong Suitcase

Hallett German

An Olivia Plymouth International Traveler and Fashion Consultant Prequel Story

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Copyright 2012 Hallett German

Cover Designer: Alessandra German

Editor: Raquel M. German

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[In the Olivia Plymouth series, we are introduced to Olivia's noisy suitcase right from the start. But the story behind Olivia's travel companion and her revolutionary theory on suitcase selection has never been published. Until now.]

"And go!"

A tall, slender beautiful young woman appeared in view wearing a bright dress with simple color patterns. Her looks were such that people usually thought she was anything but American. Her dress artfully matched her oversized handbag and was tastefully complemented by gold earrings and necklace. Next to her were a small red suitcase with apparently well-worn wheels and a large gold tag with the blazing letters "OLIVIA PLYMOUTH, INTERNATIONAL TRAVELER and FASHION CONSULTANT, SEATTLE, WASHINGTON U.S.A."

"Hello my prospective date. Wow, let me say that I'm honored to be part of your life and let me say that you are a REAL cutie! I'd love to go out with you!"

"But you probably would like to know a little bit about me. My name is Olivia Plymouth. With that last name I get a lot of teasing about pilgrims, Thanksgiving, turkey, that brand name car, and some English rugby team. So I expect that will be the first thing you will do as well. I just moved to the Seattle area which is absolutely beautiful! There is so much to do here. I started my own business as a Fashion Consultant and named it Better Colors Fashion Consulting. When I'm home, I don't like to travel much so my office building is right next to my house. "

"Ah yes my likes -- fashion (no surprise there), travel (something that I do lots of), my family (hugs and kisses), big handbags (points to bag), many cups of cocoa, and looking for that right suitcase. My personal philosophy is 'I can improve any situation.' My favorite singer is Simone Gentil from Mauritius off of Africa (then starts singing her favorite song I have all the World's Treasures in the Palm of My Hand).  If you select me for a date, I promise to bring humor and good energy  and..."

"And Cut! My dear sister Olivia – what are you thinking? Do think that singing Simone Gentil and showing your beloved suitcase is going to win you any dates? You are coming across a wee ditzy."

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