27 : Wattpad Parties

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Wattpad parties are always wild. So wild, that after you read about them, your mind will never be clean again. I'm not exaggerating, I mean it. It always starts off that the MC is invited to a party by a 'jock'. MC goes shopping and buys something super 'hot'. MC spends three paragraphs describing her outfit. Goes to party. Takes six paragraphs describing the party. MC'S Best friend ditches them to do God knows what. MC left alone. MC goes for a drink. MC is drunk. MC bumps into an equally drunk psychopath that tries to rape the MC.

Fight scenes

These happen as quickly as you can say the word 'zip'. Her gorgeous, sexy, hot, handsome, good-looking knight in shining armour with mesmerising grey /green/blue/ Hazel 'orbs' comes to the rescue and beats the crap out of him. MC is terrified. MC goes home looking like something out of The Conjuring.

Me : And that's a Wattpad party, people!

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