Brazilian Quest (Book #1 Abridged)

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Chapter 20: Day 14 (Wednesday) The Boring Flight Home, All that Happened Afterwards, And the Next Exciting Adventure.

Section 1: The Trip and First Day in Brazil. Chapter 1: Day 0 (Wednesday): A Joyful Noise and an International Flight.

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Our story begins at a near-empty Southern airport at 10 p.m. on a July night. The workday was long over. The only inhabitants of this new structure are the cleaning crews efficiently doing their job and a few tired souls impatiently waiting for their 11 p.m. flight.

A rumbling noise was heard far down the hall. It started to get louder and louder. But so far, the source of the noise wasn't visible. It sounded something between boulders or a large sack of potatoes being dragged over an un-waxed floor. Then began severe, unrelenting pounding in the heads of the soon-to-be passengers.

The cause of the disruption was soon evident. A tall, slender, beautiful young woman apparently in her early twenties appeared. She was forcibly dragging a red carry-on suitcase with some well-worn wheels. She was clad with small golden earrings, a dress with conservative flowery patterns, bright new shoes, and a matching gold necklace. She continued walking forward with her noisy carry-on in tow, all the way to the gate that said Fortaleza, Brazil. The gate attendant still had not arrived.

Who was this mysterious and audibly disturbing young lady? No doubt this was the burning question of those angry beings now awake from their golden slumber. Some might think that she was Italian. Others, no doubt, saw the sure signs of French ancestry. But those who had read the many articles about her knew she was born in the United States.

Her luggage had a large gold tag with the blazing letters "OLIVIA  PLYMOUTH, INTERNATIONAL TRAVELER and FASHION CONSULTANT, SEATTLE, WASHINGTON U.S.A." She was carrying a large handbag that was overfilled with many unknown items.

This young lady pulled out a fashion magazine, which discussed the controversial Spring Paris fashions. Soon, she was deeply immersed in the magazine. But this quiet time was unexpectedly interrupted.

A middle-aged lady had walked over to the tall, young woman and said with a nasty glare and great venom in her voice: "Young Miss. You woke me up from my precious sleep. How dare you! You..."

Olivia interrupted her and smiled with a disarming look. "Why Madame, I'm sure that I don't know what you are talking about. I just came here to get on my international flight. "

The angry lady looked like she had just swallowed a container of burning oil. Her face was getting redder and redder. Her eyes were bulging almost out of her sockets. "Your...Your darned suitcase, it's just way too loud." The young woman blinked with innocent amazement. "Well, it was way too quiet here. Why would you be sleeping anyway with our departure time so close at hand? Some people! Here I am, the living embodiment of joyous travel with the 'wrong' suitcase, doing you a service out of the kindness of my heart. But there's no need to thank me." And she walked away with a look of satisfaction of having helped another lost soul.

After that exchange the lady's anger turned into a confused daze. Immediately there was a call for first class passengers over the loud speaker. Young Olivia marched forth and gave her boarding pass to the gate attendant and continued to the plane at a confident pace. She merrily pulled her carry-on suitcase along with its deafening sound. But the ill-tempered lady was left behind still waiting for her economy seat to be called.

Chapter 2: Day 0 (Wednesday): A Major Crisis.

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All had boarded the flight quickly and without incident.  The nine hour flight was halfway over. Miss Olivia Plymouth was on her way to the seacoast city of Fortaleza, where she would stay about two weeks. Fortaleza was where the largest fashion show in Brazil, the Valdiriani, would be taking place. Awaiting her there would also be three dear ones: Rose, Charles and Richard.

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