Brazilian Quest (Book #1 Abridged)

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Ms. Olivia  Plymouth - International Traveler and Fashion Consultant #1: Brazilian Quest  (Excerpt)

Version .42 08/12/2012

Copyright 2012 Hallett German

Written by Hallett German

Edited by Raquel M. German

Illustrated by Alessandra German

Wattpad Edition

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Table of Contents

Section 1: The Trip and First Day in Brazil.

Chapter 1: Day 0 (Wednesday) A Joyful Noise and an International Flight.

 Chapter 2: Day 0 (Wednesday): A Major Crisis.

Chapter 3: Day 1 (Thursday): Her First Kidnapping.

Chapter 4: Day 2: (Friday): A Good Story to Tell or Who is Olivia Plymouth Anyway?

Chapter 5: Day 2 (Friday) Full Day in Brazil and a Disturbing Dream.

Section 2: The Quest Gets Underway and Warming Up The Valdiriani Runway.

Chapter 6: Day 3 (Saturday): The Quest Begins and Olivia's First Brazilian Argument with Richard.

Chapter 7: Day 4 (Sunday): A Rare Day of Sightseeing or the Fortaleza Travel Guide Chapter.

Chapter 8: Day 5 (Monday): Hot Leads and Filled Runways: The Valdiriani Pre-Show.

Chapter 9: Day 5 (Monday): What Everyone Else Did During the Pre-Show.

Chapter 10: Day 6 (Tuesday): First Day at the Valdiriani and The No Progress Chapter.

Chapter 11: Day 7 (Wednesday): Day Two at the Valdiriani: Isadora's Big Moment and Some Forward Movement.

Section 3: The Quest Takes Off.

Chapter 12: Day 8 (Thursday): Olivia's "Day Off" and Emotional Meeting. Richard Takes a Trip into Stupidity.

Chapter 13: Day 9 (Friday): Richard's Rocky Road to Recovery and Some Quest Progress.

Chapter 14: Day 10 (Saturday): An Educational  Day in Rio Branco.

Chapter 15: Day 11 (Sunday): The Romance Chapter.

Chapter 16: Day 11 (Sunday): The Mystery of the Metal Box.

Chapter 17: Day 11 (Sunday): Meeting with Nade.

Section 4: Her Last Days in Brazil and the Return Home.

Chapter 18: Day 12 (Monday) Planning for a Reunion.

Chapter 19: Day 13 (Tuesday): The Twists and Turns of the Lua Reunion.

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