housewife part 2 I'm back

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Virgil set the pot the table.

And put a small amount in his bowl and field women's Bowl halfway.
Woman looked at the food because wild flowers and green and a few others things it looked more like a grayish mess.

" are you sure this is edible?"

Virgil glared at Roman did put his hand as a table and and then conjured up a pillow and through it at Roman. It hit in the face.

" okay okay I'm sorry!"
"Good now sit and eat"

Roman sat down and stared at the food in the bowl. he hesitantly picked up the spoon and took a bite.

Roman's eyes lit up
" wow this is actually really good!!!"

" what did you think it was poison!"

Roman happily said as he took another bite

Virgil kicked him under the table. and Roman chuckled as he did deserve it

After a while they finished.

<God damn it I don't know what to put next>

[Why don't you just put Amber any here]

< wait. what the fuck are you doing Emily>

[ what does it look like I'm doing I'm breaking the 4th wall ]

< wait since when can you do that>

[ do you not remember? You wanted a character to break the fourth wall]


< well. I guess that's that. I guess we will introduced Amber then.>

[ bye~]

As I walked back to the living room with the Roman I could have sworn I heard two people arguing and one of them is kind of something like Emily weird

I was broke out of my thoughts it's as I heard late singing coming down the hall. I looked over at Roman he couldn't hear it. The voice and the music sounded kind of like magic. I walk to where I heard the noise coming from.

The wallpaper was covered in art of flowers Vines and nature. I heard it get louder and louder until. I finally located it. I looked at the wall is coming from there was a tree on it an oak tree it was ginormous. I press my hand on it and the music stopped I pushed a bit harder and it open like a door.

I walked into the dark room saying a quick magical spell too late the room up. It hit me right away as I saw the room this was a witch's house. They were supposed units in herbes everywhere and the Book of Shadows it was ginormous and laying on the ground there was a few magical circles on the ground and candles which were faintly glowing with magical energy. I looked around then I saw the picture on the looks like her alter. There was ruins carved into the bottom of the frame.

' Rose X Amber'

I felt tears starting to pour out of my eyes it was a picture of my mom and a woman her age with long red curly hair to her thighs a bit darker skin and Amber eyes.

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