Chapter 3

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Puts his finger in my down area! Damn I don't even want to do foreplay anymore I just want to get to Banging him Now! Nate slowly starts fingering me! Teasing me by just circling my place and not putting his finger me in! I groaned and arced my hips up hoping it would push his finger in me!

He started playing with my clit, Rubbing his fingers along my clit making me moan very loud! I Tried to sit up but he pushed me back down and angled himself over me, He pushed my legs open and put himself between them. I grabbed his head and pulled him to kiss me! The kiss was deep, our tongue dancing together.

He pulled away breathing heavy, He looked down at me smirking one of his hands came up and Squeeze my breast rougly, he toke my n*pple and rolled it with his thump! I groaned as he started softly sucking on my neck! He pulled my n*pple solfly making me moan! it hurt and felt really good!

"Nate, Please Don't make me wait!!!"I said panting, nate did as I said and angle my body! My legs were wide open, He put himself deeper between my legs and Grabbed his manpart and started rubbing me with it!. He ran his thing along my downer area, teasing me just about to put his thing in me but doesn't and just rans it along me again and again!

"Oh God"

He slowly slide the head of it in me, leaving it there so my body would ajust to the feeling of him! He slowly slide his thing in me all of it! it hurt alittle but mostly felt good. The pleasure was amazing, the way his long thick manmeat felt made me want to scream out his name!

"Does it hurt" Nate said looking down on me smiling, I shook my head and smiled at him and grinded my hips up against his making his balls slap against my butt.

"Damn" nate moaned and started moving in me at a slow pace. I didn't want him to go slow I wanted him to go fast and hard. I grinded my hips again but this time i kelt doing it at a fast pace.

He go the point and started going really fast and hard. In and out.

"I'm gonna cum" I screamed and He stopped right before I was about to Cum. I looked at him shocked, He was smirking at me. he toke himself out of me and downer himself to be at the bottom of so his head was by my lady area.

He licked my bang-place And started licking all the wetness that came outta me, he put two of his fingers in me and started fingering me again but this time he pulled them out and put his fingers in his mouth.

"Nate" I said pouting at him, He chuckled and got back on me, and angle us again. He slammed himself inside me!! it knocked the wind out of me, Finally when i caught my breath.

He started again but not fast but hard, So hard it was makin the bed bang against the wall loud!. I started getting at feeling again, In and out, in, out. I could hold it any longer I came and he was still goin.

"Ahhhhh" nate pulled outta of me and came on my stomach!, He rolled off me and layed beside me-


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