Request Form

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Please understand that I do this because I enjoy cover-making, not because I'm under any obligation to help you (though I'm certainly not opposed to helping budding authors). I do this workload depending. Some cover requests inevitably won't inspire me, so I respectfully reserve the right to decline requests.

Here's what I need from you:

1. Title
2. Subtitle (series name and book number)
3. Character descriptions
4. Symbolism pertinent to the story (a key, a spider, a castle, whatever)
5. A brief synopsis

If I don't get around to making your cover, I sincerely apologize. Writing is my first priority and my greater passion.
I also post my covers on Instagram (authorjeaninecroft). Follow me there to see some of the writing/photoshopping process.

If you're just here to look, then welcome :)

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