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Beyonce's Pov:

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Beyonce's Pov:

Tuesday, November 20th, 2000

Dear diary,

Today I learned that she doesn't care what others think.


"Wake up!" My mother's loud, impatient voice carries from all the way down stairs in the kitchen and into my dream jerking me awake. I groan and ignore her turning back over again.

Big mistake.

I scream as cold water is thrown onto my barely covered skin and I am yanked by my ponytail out of my bed and onto the wood floor.

I feel overly hot and sweaty fingers clamp around my chin and force it up. I close my eyes as I glimpse my mother's own face.

I knew what was bout to happen and I couldn't do anything to fix it. I watch wiping warm tears out of my eyes with the back of my hand as she walks over to my dresser taking out a pair of my underwear. I sob shaking my head but that doesn't stop her from stuffing it into my mouth.

"If you fight it will be worse," She says her hot breath invading my senses seeing as she was right in front of my face. She leans in and presses her lips uncomfortably against mine. I refuse to react as she runs her tongue against my bottom lip. This makes her growl. "still playing hard to get huh?" She forces her hard stiff tongue into my mouth and pokes every thing it comes in contact with.


I make my way into school a half hour late. I hate my life. I don't have any friends no one likes me, well except for the new girl but she'll find out soon enough the sacrifices you have to endure in order to become my friend.

I endure the painful wait for my tardy pass to print. We've had the same printer since the school opened in 1981. As soon as Kelly my fellow class mate hands me the familiar white slip of flimsy paper I grab it and speed walk to class.

"Ah. Nice to see you've finally taken the time out of your precious day to join us." Mr. Greer glared at me through his designer shades.

Fuck you.

"We're like doing a lab right now and you've missed most of it so like it's not even a point in you trying. You get an zero for the assignment." He laughs and points a perfectly manicured finger nail outside indicating me to wait in the hall until the bell which was thirty minutes from now.

I stalk out boiling at his giggle as he watches my back retreat. I close the door and immediately lean against the door and sliding down. I feel a body slide down next to me and roll my eyes when I see who it is. Nicki. She's been talking to me for a week and hasn't stopped since the first day.

"Someone's big mad." She giggled. Her face dropped when I didn't reply as always.

"So you really just not gonna talk? "

The fuck? How is that even a question.

"Okay, Well here.." She wrote something down on a piece of paper and handed it to me.


She then handed me a pencil to write down a response.


She takes the sheet of paper and writes something else down before handing it back to me. It takes her some time so it's a little longer.

Why don't you speak?


Her eye brows furrow and I'm faced with her mug. "You ain't hav ta be so rude. I was just tryna get you to taulk." she pushes my arm.

I push her back and soon I'm a giggling mess on the ground. She's on top of me and breathing heavily as she ruins me with her fingers. They dance along my sides and I cry from the feeling. "Say somethin'." she pants.

I shake my head, and she pouts in response. She gets off of me and sits properly back in her spot. "Man... One day I'll get you to talk."

Never gonna happen but you can dream. I hand her the piece of paper. She reads it then laughs tiredly.


"Love, never knew what I was missing."

I bob my head slightly to the music, as I wait for the last bell. I open my locker and grab my books when I hear it.

Suddenly they're pushed down and I'm met with Kim, Michelle, Jennifer, and... Kelly.

I huff and bend down to pick up everything Kim messed up but I'm kicked from behind by Michelle. I scream when Jennifer grabs my arms and pins me on the ground. They all laugh except Kelly who seems disturbed by this. "Guys come on before someone sees us." Kelly pleads.

"We will. Just let me take a picture for the snap." Just when Kim pulls out her phone Onika is yelling for them to stop. She runs up and pushes Jennifer off of me.

"What the hell?! What the fuck is wrong with you guys?" she yells. They leave quickly and I slowly pick my self up from the ground. Onika brushes the dirt off of my dress and face.

"I'm sorry BB." she uses her new nickname for me. She's been trying new ones for the whole week, trying to get me to react. I haven't yet but this one made me chuckle.

She cheeses at my short laugh, "I think we've got a name that sticks."

I roll my eyes. "Now let's figure out how we are going to get back at these bitches." she says seriously, her face is so full of determination it makes me chuckle again.

No one ever gets back at the Barbies.

Credit goes to ThrowTreesNoShade go check out her books

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Credit goes to ThrowTreesNoShade go check out her books. I hope you do😊



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