Cooking with Reed900

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Gavin quickly shuffles to the camera as Nines smirks. "You're adorable detective Reed". Gavin shushes him as he smiles widely at the camera. -Now Recording-

"Hello everyone! And welcome to-"
"Gavin reed is gay". Gavin turns to Nines and Gently slaps him. "Welcome to Cooking with Gavin!" He shouts. Throwing his arms in the air, Nines stares blankly. "-and Nines" he adds. Gavin chuckles nervously. "Today-" Nines shushes him with his finger as he furrows his eyebrows. "Naughty boy. It's my turn to speak to your so called fans. Today we're making cupcakes!". The comments go wild as Gavin pouts silently. "First things first, you will need a hat!" Gavin exclaims, trying to keep up the pace. He grabs a round shaped hat with stripes and patterns and places it on his head. "Tada! I got it from the market today" he brags. Staring blankly, Nines throws his white uniform jacket over his head and ties it into a somewhat hat. Gavin silently chuckles to himself, it was great to see him out of that silly jacket at least. "Now, tincan, get the ingredients!" Gavin demands. Grabbing Gavin by his grey shirt, he pulls him up to his level. "No, Gavin. Today I'm not going to be your bitch, ok?" Nines jokes sarcastically. He let's go of Gavin as he lousley grabs the materials and places them in front of the wooden table. "Wait-where's the milk?.." Gavin questions. "I'll be right back with that". Nines heads down the narrow hallway as he grabs a bottle with him. A few minutes after patiently waiting, he returns out of the bedroom. "Here you go detective" Nines exclaims. He looks weirdly happier than before. Gavin cautiously places it onto the table as he looks back at the camera. "Now, place your ingredients in the bowl and mix!". Putting on his white apron, Gavin grabs the mixing bowl and vigorously mixes. Cake mix splatters all over Gavin's face as he sighs in frustration. "That was hard" he sighs. "Here, let me get that for you" Nines suggests. Without hesitation, he licks it off Gavin, turning him into a blushing mess. "That was some pretty sweet cake mix" he jokes. "S-shut up Tincan" Gavin stutters . Nines turns back to the camera and pours the batter into the pan. Gavin melts at the thought of eating it, still trying to figure out what that weird milk was, he shrugs it off anyways.

A few minutes of giggling and cussing later

Pink frosting glimmers on the cupcakes as Gavin gasps. "This looks like heaven!" Gavin shouts. "Hmph, it might taste like it too" Nines jokes, Gavin looks in confusion. "Let's try some! Even though your an Android..". "Oh yes I forgot, would you do the honours and try it for me?..." he says. His tone turned more dark as his LED flashed bright red. Gavin didn't care, he just needed those cupcakes in his belly. He stuffs one in his mouth, as he lets the flavour devour him but, somethings not right. Gavin rushes to the trash can as he spits it out. "ALRIGHT TINCAN, WHAT THE HELL DID YOU PUT IN THOSE CUPCAKES?".
"Oh, just the natural ingredients. Cake mix, 3 eggs, and artificial semen". Gavin stares blankly at Nines, so confused. "YOU FUCKING PUT YOUR SEMEN INSTEAD OF MILK? WHAT THE ACTUAL FUCK DIPSHIT!!" Gavin screams. He shoves Nines into a wall as steam blows off into the air. Nines chuckles As he lifts up Gavin. "PUT ME DOWN!". He throws him in front of the camera as he smiles widely.

"Well, that's it for this episode of Cooking with Gavin and Nines, stay tuned".

I know that really sucked but thanks for reading the first one shot! I know it was kinda bad but I'll try writing more often :).

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