One On One Is Less Fun

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"What the fuck." The pair had gone for brunch when Geoff returned from his interesting adventure. It was a spot that wasn't too far from the apartment that Geoff had wanted to check out for a while. Despite the fact Awsten had passed the restaurant every day for the last few years, he had never went in up until now. He was eating his way through his second plate of pancakes, partially convinced that the carbs would make him feel better. They didn't but it didn't stop him from flagging down the waitress and ordering another plate. Geoff wasn't the only one with a wild night. "You didn't."

"I did." Geoff was picking at a plate of fries in front of him. He didn't have much of an appetite for once. He blamed it on the fact he had already technically had breakfast but he knew that wasn't the case. Awsten couldn't believe what the boy across the table was saying. It didn't matter if he was battered up or not. It wasn't possible to sleep with not one but two women in the same night. Geoff didn't even tell him the craziest part. He wasn't sure if it was the right time to tell Awsten about an interesting detail of his evening. Even if it did make his stomach churn."I don't remember all of it but it definitely happened."

"Explain." The black eye suited Geoff in a weird way. Awsten thought that it added to the vague bad boy meet nerd thing he had going on. If Awsten had met Geoff under other circumstances, he might've thought that Geoff rode a motorcycle and smoked cigarettes. He didn't do either. Unlike the royal purple splattered across Geoff's eyelid, the split lip didn't compliment his taffy colored lips at all. Both of them had insane nights but Awsten was more interested in what possessed his roommate to get into a fistfight and fuck his way through the population of Houston. He had more questions than he knew what to do with and more than anything was craving some form of answers. Awsten's story could wait.

"You asked for it." Geoff was in the process of nursing his hangover with a mimosa, as per Awsten's suggestion. Awsten didn't know much about alcohol but he knew that whenever Jawn had a bad hangover, he needed more alcohol. Maybe Awsten wasn't as smart as he made himself out to be. Geoff figured he could afford to get a buzz going again. It was Saturday after all and he didn't work today. It would've been fine to puke his guts into the toilet tonight. "After this, I'd better here about what happened with Michaela."

"Don't ever say that name to me again." Awsten covered his face with his hands, shielding himself from a look of judgement. Geoff's interest was piqued to say the least. His mind raced at a million and one ways that Awsten could've ruined his date and all of them were hilarious. It wasn't exactly that he wanted to Awsten to fail with Michaela, not a hundred percent anyways. He didn't like the two of them together but it would've been nice for Awsten to find his soulmate that quickly. It would've made their lives a lot easier. Then again, Geoff's life wasn't ever an easy thing. "Get on with it already. Tell me what happened."


"You're up early." It didn't matter that Chloe was only wearing an oversized Linkin Park shirt. Geoff wasn't listening to a word she was saying. His eyes were focused on the other girl in front of him but more importantly, her chest. On the left hand side was a small grey heart. His heart was about to burst out of his chest and head back to Awsten's without him. He slept with one of Awsten's soulmates and the worst part was he couldn't even remember it. He didn't remember the girl's name either. Had she had gotten a sequence? Shouldn't Geoff's mind have been full of information about the other person standing in front of him? His brain was blank. He blamed the alcohol.

"We were just about to bring you breakfast." The other girl had pink bright pink hair that reminded Geoff of Princess Bubblegum. He must've been watching too much Adventure Time. He was losing his mind. He looked the girl up and down and noticed a collar around her neck but instead of where it would say her name, it read kitten. Whoever this girl was, she wasn't wearing pants either, which would've been a perk in any other situation. Instead, she wore a pair of pink panties and a pastel purple crop top with something Geoff couldn't make out in white cursive. He reread the word three times before it clicked in his mind. The shirt read 'Daddy's Little Princess'.

"Breakfast?" Geoff took no notice at the pancakes in the pink haired girl's hands. It didn't matter that they were top with enough berries to make him never want to touch Awsten's fruit ever again or the fact that there was enough powdered sugar to make him diabetic. All that mattered was he was the only fully dressed person in the room and he was feeling more uncomfortable by the second. It didn't take a genius to realize what happened. Geoff had slept with both of them.

"Yeah. We made you breakfast." Chloe led the trio back into the bedroom with confidence. Geoff thought that the apartment might've been her's because of that but he wasn't sure anymore. He wasn't sure of a lot of things. It looked like it would've belonged to her much more than the pink haired self proclaimed princess. Chloe might've been handing Geoff the plate of pancakes but he was practically having an out of body experience. His eyes was bruised, his lip was split and he slept with two girls that made him breakfast. He had only been alive for a few weeks again and his second life was already way better than his first one had ever been. His stomach bubbled with mixed feelings.

"Figured you'd be tired out from last night." The pink haired girl was practically purring at him, laying her head on Geoff's shoulder. If he had to guess, he was pretty sure she could go for a second round and if things were different, maybe he would have been too. It wasn't that she wasn't cute because she was. Geoff sort of thought that she looked like a doll almost with her pale skin and big eyes. She still somehow had a flawless face of makeup on, more than likely sleeping with it on. Unlike the other girl, Chloe's face was entirely bare.

"Everything hurts." Geoff admitted, taking a bite of the pancakes in front of him. They tasted a bit unusual for the typical breakfast food. He recalled Chloe mentioning not only was she vegan but also had a gluten allergy. He took a second bite and tried to ignore the slight taste of blood in his mouth in favor of the undertone of banana in the pancakes. Geoff had a lot of questions for the two girls but didn't want to give off the impression that he didn't recall the encounter.

"Did you want some ibuprofen? Grace and I took some before we made breakfast." Grace. Her name was Grace. Geoff wished that sparked some form of memory in his mind but it didn't. He was sort of hoping that he would get some memories from the night before that would explain everything that brought him here so he wouldn't outright have to ask. Geoff had an idea.

"Yeah, that'd be great. My head is killing me. I haven't been that drunk in a while." Admitting to being very drunk was as if he was admitting to not remembering anything from last night. All he could hope was that one of the two girls picked up on this subtle hint and explain his actions from the night before to them. Chloe tossed the small white pill bottle beside Geoff with a laugh. "What?"

"You don't remember anything." Chloe deadpanned. The brown haired boy in her bed was practically transparent. She was right but Geoff was seriously wishing she hadn't said it out loud. He wasn't that great of a liar so his options were limited. His mouth opened slightly but no sounds came, causing both the girls to enter a fit of laughter. Their laughs complimented each other like harmonies in one of Geoff's favorite songs. Suddenly, he was really regretting being drunk for their threesome.

"Can I tell him?" Geoff was seriously hoping that the pink haired girl was of age. The last thing he wanted to do was to be fucking a minor while he was intoxicated. She seemed very childish both in how she spoke and how she looked. He really hadn't hope he had committed any crimes in his drunken stupidity. He instantly was dreading how to tell Awsten that he had found one of his soulmates without him. He imagined the conversation in his head but shook it from his thoughts. He couldn't tell Awsten he fucked somebody he could've been spending the rest of his life with. "Please please please!"

"Please do." Chloe expended a glass of water to Geoff with a smile on her face. She didn't really think her night would've gone that way but she wasn't bothered by it. The three of them were all pretty drunk but she didn't think any of them were blackout drunk. Between her and Grace, the two of them were able to piece together the majority of the night. "Give this one some context for his temporary tattoos." Geoff took the water and quickly swallowed two of the light orange pills. The relief couldn't come fast enough for him. Neither could the truth.

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