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Personal Bio

I'm Renée, an aspiring author and unashamed daydreamer based in Sydney, Australia. I've been a Rebel since August, 2017 (Round 11!) and a Rebel Legend for almost as long, so I think it goes without saying that I know what I'm doing by now.

My day job consists of me fighting off demons, helping my companions get back on their feet after epic battles, and dragging myself through the mud to reach the top of Mount Five o' Clock. That's right—I work in retail! In my spare time I work as a freelance editor, and I'm currently hoping to break into the publishing industry. Now it's just a race to see whether the author in me beats the editor!

How can I best help you? My strengths are with: spelling, grammar, and punctuation; structure; continuity errors; repetition. I can work in both British and American English and styling, and tend to go with whichever is the first to appear in your story. (I won't crucify you if you use single quotation marks for dialogue!)

Preferred Genres

I'm not overly fussy and will pretty much read anything, but the genres I like best are paranormal and fantasy. Specifically if they fall under the young adult umbrella. I have previously betaed teen fiction and horror. I will only beta poetry for spelling, grammar, and punctuation. I will accept LGBTI+.

Non-Preferred Genre

I don't like romance or humour, but you're welcome to query if you really want to. I'll give your story a quick look to see if I can manage it before I accept your request. Romance as a secondary genre is fine.

Although I do accept Mature work, I ask that you don't submit erotica. I don't enjoy reading it, and am definitely not the best person to be betaing it for you.


I have formally studied Book Editing and Publishing; I am a five-star freelance editor on Fiverr; I have edited and/or beta-read several novels for friends in the past—and two of these novels were Wattpad featured.

I'm also a Rebel Legend, which shows that I had consistently excellent feedback for five or more rounds in a row for Rebel Book Club.


On average, I can commit to three chapters (2,000 - 3,000 words each) per week. I will read more if I have the time, but I make no promises.

Communication Preference

Wattpad or via the Rebel Slack. 

Want to Pitch ReneeShantel?

Want to Pitch ReneeShantel?

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