Understanding the story and the Characters Part one

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This is not an official chapter to my new series and I am not certain when I will be posting the first chapter however, please look forward to it.

I understand everyone thinks that these first three sections are bound to be boring but you MUST READ these next three sections because they inform you of how the story works and what the characters will be like and their wolves as well. Please take the time to read it. I promise it won't take long and it won't be boring. I tried to spice it up. ;) Happy reading!

Vocabulary you need to know through out the story:

Alpha- the leader of the pack, Demand respect and are always dominant. Most of the wolves in the pack do NOT challenge the alpha

Beta- second in command after the alpha, vice alpha, enforces the laws of the land when the alpha is not present. A beta's mate MUST also move in with them and live with the pack.

Luna- is the mate of the alpha ONLY! A luna is required to move in with the alpha in order to get to know the rest of the pack and lead them as well

Sentinel- two mated Pairs in the pack are chosen by the alpha and beta in case both, alpha and beta were to die, the two sentinels would take their place

Gamma- elders, alphas and betas go to them for advice they are strong and wise

Zeta- take orders directly from the alpha in case of a war

Delta- messengers of the pack

Lead Scout- leader of the scouts

Scouts- hunts small creatures, still learning their way around, scavengers of the pack

Omega- Lowest possible rank, basic citizens, they may be close with the alpha and/or other higher ranks as well

Mate- a mate is someone a wolf spends the rest of their lives with

Moon Goddess- made the humans into werewolves and communicates to them with "signs" or instincts, only in case of emergencies does the moon goddess request a special meeting, or in cases of severe discouragement, meetings with the moon goddess may be requested by shifting into the form of your wolf and going into the woods

Mate Mark- a mark combines both of the werewolves souls into one. This means that they will only love each other for the rest of their lives. A mark is given by the mates that decide they are each others true mates. A mark allows the mate to track down the other no matter where they are and it also allows them to feel their partners emotions and sometimes in special cases see what they see. A mating mark is essential and HAS to happen in order for the mating process to be completed.

Seasonal Mark- a seasonal mark is a mark given by both mates but only representing that they have a mate for the season. Werewolves can tell the difference between a mate mark and a seasonal mark

Mating- mating consists of several MUST DO steps:

1. Find your true mate by looking into their eyes

2. Get to know your mate closely

3. Mark one another

4. Make love to each other (seals the bond)

True Mates: you can "mate "with other werewolves but a bond will NOT form. When you mate with your true mate a bond is formed and you love each other forever, once you complete the mating process

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