Chapter 4

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Makayla's POV
After walking for about 45mins I finally made it home i check the time it was 1:00am , as soon as a open the door to my apartment my little girl   came running to me "ma ma help" she squeals i  picked up her 1 min later Tasha's mom jogged up to me out of breath and her face was covered in tiny scratches ha told you she was a fighter.

After a while mrs Tate went home I payed her 30 dollars and put avianna to bed myself  It did take a while but I got her to sleep, as soon as she was asleep I went to my room and took a shower god I smell awful after my shower I brush my teeth change my clothes  now I'm lying in bed nothing but me and my thoughts.

What Am I gonna do ?

I'm unemployed

I have a headache

And most importantly Liam's back what I'm I gonna do ?

It's 4:00am I need to get some sleep so I can look for a job , I feel my eyes getting heavy and I let sleep take over me.  


Uh stupid iPhone alarm I hate it I pick up my phone from the night stand it's 8:45  I get up do my morning routine then  I walk to avianna's room which is down the hall she's  to far from me , I wake her up, bathe her, I dress her in a tiny white sunny dress with little brown boots I didn't brush her hair up today because I'm out of edge to control so I combed it straight down  her hair is much easer to comb than mine so it was no problem.

In 20mins we were out the door walking down the street when I seen a help wanted sign outside a cafe, this should be easy   I know I shouldn't have brought my daughter with me to look for a job but shes so adorable who could say no to her .

I walked into the cafe holding my daughter's  hand I sat at a table and put avianna in a chair next to me, 5 mins later a girl with short blonde hair came up to me .

" hi welcome  to granny's cafe can I get you any thing" she smiled widely at me " ah yes I would like to apply for a job" she smiled even wider, who smiles at work i thought to my self I was snapped out of my thoughts  when she cleared her throat " oh sorry" I said, "it's ok I'll be back  in 10mins to interview you" she said walking away with a grin on her face , a minute later I felt  a small pinch on my arm " ma ma cookie" avianna looked at me and pointed to the cookies on the counter.

"mommy will get you cookie later ok" I smiled at her " otay ma ma" she pouted aww she's  so cute about 10mins later the blonde girl was back to interview me.

Liam POV
It's 9:30 In the morning I'm tired and hungry those assholes were supposed to meet us out side this damn restaurant 30mins ago I'm officially pissed.

Finally after another 10mins of waiting they show up me and Antonio were meeting with the Italian mafia again so we could come up with a plan on how to take down the Spanish mafia aka Antonio's parents they're horrible people they treated him like shit so now he's apart of my mafia finally we make our way into the restaurant.

" reservations under petrov" i said in a low voice to the short  woman with weird blue hair "um I'm sorry sir there must have been some type of mistake that table  is already occupied" she said in a annoying voice "what the hell do you mean already occupied" I replied feeling a little annoyed " someone's already sitting at that table " she pointed her pen to a table   occupied by a family of six. I waited out side for nearly 40 mins for this shit ,my face started to turn red my jaw was clenched , Antonio must have noticed because he patted me on the shoulder and said " hey boss calm down there's a cafe across the street let's just go there instead" look at him and let out a deep breath and nodded my head and I walk out the door.

We're walking across the street about to enter the cafe a soon as we I enter I smell the sweet scent of coffee and cookies we all make our way over to an empty table, A waitress with pale skin and long black hair makes her way over to our table, she looks at me and gives me a small smile.

" hi welcome to granny's  cafe can I take your order?"  We all look at the menu for a sec " uh yes we'll have two lattes, one black coffee two giant cookies and one chocolate donut" . 

"would that be all" she looked at all of us but mostly me " yeah that would be all" Antonio replied for me because I was ignoring her " she had a nice ass don't  you think ?" Antonio asked " yeah sure whatever" I gave a short reply because I was to be busy looking at the chocolate beauty at the table across from us i look closely I noticed something, a kid ?

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