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(important author's note at the end please read. love you hoes <3)

"So, what do you say?" he asked me for the fifth time today, he was asking me if he should buy a penthouse instead of this 'dangerous house'. Few days ago someone went in to here to rob something while I was in the house and the guys almost killed me but luckily Justin went home and he already called the police since he saw the front door was opened. Yes you might be wondering why isn't this big house doesn't have securities, they were asleep. And of course they were fired after the incident.

"I think that was pointless, I mean you hired new securities and it was just one incident. It's not like that's going to happen again?" I rolled my eyes at him.

"You were almost killed!" Justin argued

"But I didn't. Just calm down, it won't happen again!" I told him.

"Whatever, if you're killed by some thieves don't blame me" he told me

"Okay, I won't" I responded him. He groaned then get off the couch and exited the living room then walked to his own bedroom and slammed the door grumpily. You see, Justin was a really short tempered guy. He always get his way, and when he didn't he would be mad and ignored me.

I yawned and turned off the TV then walked in to my bedroom, I took off my shorts and slid in to my bed. I clapped my hand twice and the lights switched off.

I was about to fall asleep when a loud crack was heard and my window was shattered and a brick was being thrown at my direction and almost hit my head. I shot up and then Justin barked in to the room then the lights turned on. I stared at the brick that was wrapped in a white paper in horror.

Justin approached me and ripped the white paper off the brick and read it out loud so I could hear him.

"3:15am" he read the note

I sat there in shock while Justin looking like he was about to rip somebody's head. Justin threw the paper and carefully walked towards the now broken window and glared outside. The securities are now rushed in to my room

"Is everything alright, Mr. Bieber?" one of the guy named Patrick asked Justin.

"No, I want you to call more of your friends to watch my house from all direction 24/7 and I don't want anyone suspicious to walk near the house, and call Kenny to start looking for a new penthouse for two. Look for the safest place." Justin told Patrick

"Do you want me to call Kenny now?" Chase asked Justin

"YES DO IT NOW AND I WANT THE PENTHOUSE TO BE READY IN A WEEK!" Justin shouted at the two big men, they quickly nodded and stepped away in fear. Justin then turned to me and stared at me

"Are you okay?" he asked me, I nodded still not looking at him

"Ella" he called me, I opened my mouth about to say something but closed it again since I didn't know what to say to him

"What is 3:15 suppose to mean?" Justin asked then pushed the brick off my bed then sat in front of me.

"This clock, in my office always rang at 3:15 pm or am." I told him


"My grandpa, he was the founder of Adams Inc. He was being murdered and died at 3:11. That was only 4 minutes away from 3:15, and since my grandpa was dead, the clock will always rang at that time." I explained to him

Justin looked around the room then stood up.

"You sleep in my room tonight, I'll sleep here." Justin said then help me to get off from my bed. He walked me to his room then I laid down

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