Chapter 14 ~Louis~

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Liked by @harrystyles @niallhoranofficial @gemmastyles and 6,748,763 more

louist91 This relationship was never real, my management forced us to be together. I love Harry and I'm mad that I made upset at me.

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harrystyles I love you too Lou, and it's ok, come home @louist91

Eleanorj92 You deserve better Louis, Harry is a bitch @louist91

HarryUpdates I'm so happy for you both💙💚

harrystyles Thank you so much @HarryUpdates

niallhoranofficial finally I didn't like that Elavator lady anyway

UpNiall'sAss omfg Niall you can't say stuff like that.😂

niallhoranofficial whaaatt? It's true @UpNiall'sAss

UpNiall'sAss he replied to me, kill me now before I wake up

LarryHater You're both disgusting!
LarryHater has been blocked by louist91 and 578 others

LarryBitch I'm so happy my parents are finally together!!💚💙


RealLiamPayne @zayn why cant we be like them, btw so so so so so so happy for you guys❤

zayn well, I have a "girlfriend", sorry Li.❤

niallhoranofficial Happy for the both of you, ^Ha at least I have a boyfriend @ShawnMendes

ShawnMendes yes, I am your boyfriend @niallhoranofficial, don't brag.

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