chapter five - boggarts

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If there was one thing Lily disliked about Hogwarts, it was the time they started their day.
At exactly 6:30am the girls in the dormitory were woken up by Dorcas' alarm clock. It them took them twenty minutes each to shower, get dressed and do anything else in the dorm. Then they headed down to breakfast and spent thirty minutes eating, leaving them with ten minutes to navigate their way through the castle for their classes, which started at 8:00am.

Monday morning had the girls up immediately after the clock sounded. They were all excited for their first lesson, Defense Against The Dark Arts, mainly to see who their new Proffesor was.
Every year, a new DADA Proffesor came, and then left at the end of the school year for unknown reasons.

When they were all done at their normal time, 7:20am, they walked downstairs to the Common room.

On their way to the Great Hall for breakfast, the girls' met up with the Marauders. Lily found herself shooting glances at James whenever she felt he wasn't staring at her, which was very few times. Something felt wrong about the raven-haired boy, something Lily couldn't put her finger on.

They arrived in the Great Hall with Sirius and Laurelle in the front, and Lily, James, Marlene, Dorcas, Remus and Peter bringing up the rear. They were all aware of the weird stares they were receiving, afterall, since when did the Gryffindor sixth-year boys and girls hang out together. Lily wasn't sure why she managed to talk to James more easily now, he was afterall the boy who had teased her and confessed his 'love' for her on multiple occasions. He was the boy who had ended the friendship between her and Severus Snape, her bestfriend of five years.

"I wonder if the new Proffesor will stay at the end of the year," James wondered out loud.

"Probably not," Lily said. "You know how it goes every year."

"I can't see him at the Proffesor's tables. Probably setting up for us."

"Mcgonagall isn't there either," Lily noted.

Lily and the other girls finished breakfast fifteen minutes before class started and left the boys at the table as they headed to class.

"Is it just me or does James seem different?"  Laurelle asked, looking a bit confused.

"Not just you. Earlier I was talking to him and I was surprised when we managed to talk without cursing or hexing each other."

"I told you he wasn't so bad," Dorcas told Lily.

She peeped inside the classroom door.
"Only a few Hufflepuffs." She opened the door and walked in, the rest of the girls behind her.

They sat down, greeting a few Hufflepuffs they knew and took in the appearance of the classroom. It was devoid of any furniture, portraits included, except for a dusty cupboard in front of them that was wobbling slightly.

After a while, the rest of the class arrived, chatting together as they waited for their Proffesor.

Finally, the door opened and heavy footsteps entered the room. Lily turned around expectantly, only to have her heart drop with disappointment.

"Your new Proffesor has had a delay, so he asked me to fill in for him." Proffesor Mcgonagall said, walking fastly to the front of the room. She ignored the groans of disappointment.

"Today we will just do a small catch-up session. You will be faced with a boggart - nothing too fancy, Mr Black." She glanced at him sharply, and he stopped silently banging his head on his desk, only to smirk at her.

"Form a line." Lily scrambled up and ended up eighth, with Laurelle behind her.

The first two people - Hufflepuffs-  were both scared of trolls, which morphed into trolls with ballerina outfits when they muttered the incantion.

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