Chapter One : Cupcake Invasion.

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Chapter One: Cupcake Invasion.

Monday Afternoon.

GEORGE paced back and forth in the apartment his parents had bought him and Lydia for college.

Running a few fingers through his hair, George heard the door open. "George?" He heard Lydia call out.

Looking back at the mess he'd made, he bit his lip. She was gonna kill him.

Lydia's eyebrows furrowed as she didn't hear George reply. Did he go out?

Shaking her head the brunette made her way through their apartment. On a mission to find her boyfriend.

Once she found him, she couldn't help but laugh. He was covered in flour and eggs were smashed on the ground around him.

"I tried making muffins," George said putting his hands up in surrender.

He knew Lydia had a test today and she's been stressing all week about it. So, he decided to make a batch of chocolate chip muffins and chocolate milkshakes after football training. It didn't work out.

Lydia grinned, "you're cute."

After a shower and cleaning the kitchen George took Lydia's hand in his. Leading her toward the door, he asked her about the test.

"It was okay. I definitely passed. How was training?"

Their schedules were both hectic and some days they'd both never see each other till the evening. This was due to classes and training.

"Good. We have our first match Wednesday, coach said I'm on the team."

Lydia squeezed his hand as they walked out of the apartment building. She knew he felt bad for the older guys on the team but George deserved this.

Smiling, George felt like a king. He had everything he ever will need in his arms.


The beginning of He's the One! How are you all today? :)

Started: November 22nd.
Completed: December 22nd.


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