Chapter 11 ~Louis~

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Liked by @harrystyles @niallhoranofficial @gemmastyles and 6,784,764 more

louist91 How could you resist that adorable face.

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harrystyles I look like an idiot Lou,😫

louist91 Baby cakes you look adorable, and if you are an idiot you're my idiot❤

LarryBitch aww, he looks so cuuttteee!!

LARRYALLTHEWAY I'm so glad I asked for that photo he looks so adorable!!💚💙

niallhoranofficial harold you look adorable be quiet

LarryHater you look like a piece of shit and you should kill yourself @harrystyles
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LarryBitch omfg Elavator liked that comment about Harry killing himself!

LARRYALLTHEWAY What! I always knew she was a bitch but to go that far, damn.

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